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Tell me your boy names!

We are finding out in two weeks what the sex is - can't wait! We had no problem coming up with girl names, but can't find a good boy name. We'd like something semi-unique but don't want a super popular name either, which makes it difficult. Needless to say we need some help!

 Please share your names! Thanks in advance :)


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Re: Tell me your boy names!

  • We are going with Mason Robert if we have a boy.  I realize that will be a common name but I really like it.  I also like Owen.
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  • there's a ton of them! Check my baby names list. 

    The consistent frontrunners are Elias, Oscar, Rhett and Vincent.  

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  • Philip









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    A - 8/2010
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  • DS is Theodore Robert.

    Also on our list are:  William Thomas, Alexander, Peter, Samuel

    My favorite boy name that DH won't agree to is Ezra Christian.  We also like Benjamin but can't use it.  I also like Beau and Boaz but it's way to much like our last name to use.

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  • Our boy list is still long, but these are contenders 












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  • I have a lot! My top favorites are Lachlan, Owen, Jasper, Isaac, Kellan, and Miles. Some are family names and others are not.
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  • Our DS will be Henry Sebastian.  Other contenders were Rowan, James, and Dawson.
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  • We find out in 10 days, but if this baby is a boy his name will be Abe Thomas.
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  • Well we have a Xander Dominic and a Jericho Miles. If we have another boy Maxwell and Grayson are a couple at the top of our list.
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  • If we have a son he will be Layne.
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  • If we have another boy one day is name will either be Caleb or Liam.
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  • Here's a list we're considering for our son:

    Jacob, Nathan, Benjamin, Samuel, William, Isaac, Ethan

    S- March 09 E- Feb 12 L- May 15

  • My favorites are Wesley and Jonah.  Others - Timothy, Max, Noah, Jude, Callum, Roman, Ian, Gregory
  • Our sons name is William but we call him Liam. Its unheard of in our area. If we had to do it all over again we would have just named him Liam. Other boy names in our family are Parker, Peyton, Preston, Austin, Andrew (Drew), Kyle, Robert. Boy names I like are Calvin, Drake, Asher, Sawyer, Kellan, James, Archer, Dexter, Dylan, Mason.
  • Our ds's are Bradley, Jason, and Dustin.  Dh hated all my suggestions, but here are some from my list:


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  • DS is Elliott. Our final two for DS2 are Reid and Zachary. Other contenders included Lawson, Lachlan, Lincoln, Rowan, callum, Ian, Wyatt, Lucas.
  • Were naming ours Eli James. :)
  • DS is Carter Robert (Robert after DH).  If baby #3 is a boy, his name will be Reid Joseph.

    Carter Robert 7.18.08 | Brynn Sophia 5.24.10 | Reid Joseph 9.10.12 | Emerson Mae 1.27.14

  • Jackson Randall

    Aaron Andrew

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  • My top 3 right now are Gavin Maxwell, Max Aaron and Ryan Maxwell.  We need to use an "M"name to honor DH's grandfather since this is a family/religious tradition and DH loves Max.
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  • I am due with my 3rd child in dec

    boy #1 is reece aiden

    girl #2 is annika raine

    baby due is jett angelus

  • If DD had been a boy, her name would have been Finn Harrison.
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  • My son's name is Grady Christian.  We get a lot of compliments on his name. It suits him well.  :)  
  • If DD had been a boy she would have been called Elliot Alexander (will still use that name if we ever have a boy)

  • imagersoulant:

    I am due with my 3rd child in dec

    boy #1 is reece aiden

    girl #2 is annika raine

    baby due is jett angelus

    My 2 nephews are called Aiden (Thomas) and Reece (Robert) :-p

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