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Hospital bags; What to really pack

I've read many MANY blogs, and checklists, of what to pack for your hospital bag.What do you ladies think is actually important to bring?  I'm due in 19 days :]

Re: Hospital bags; What to really pack

  • If you are planning on breastfeeding, it is really important to bring things that support that.  Eg.  a boppy, a nightgown/shirt that opens in the front, nipple cream (although the hospital probably supplies that), etc.

    The other most important things on my list are a camera and a video camera.

    Regarding the time you are in labor, bring whatever you think will help, but realize you might not use any of it.  I had lots of plans to listen to music, use my excersize ball, blah blah blah.  In reality, I spent most of my labor sitting on the toilet, telling people not to breathe on me, not hearing any of the music at all...

    Oh, bring an outfit to bring the baby home with, too!  And a carseat and a blanket for the ride home...

    If you are at the hospital and realize you need something, you can always call someone or send someone to get it...

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