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Cold season - vapo rub- is this true?

If anyone 'round here here is medically knowledgeable (for I am not!).. can you confirm something I heard? I read that keeping Vapo Rub in/around your nose prevents colds/viruses from entering your nose..   is that true? Would that be safe for kids (I assume not babies, but I have a 3 y/o)..  If so, I am so doing this!

Re: Cold season - vapo rub- is this true?

  • I just read this in maire claire. They said to put vasoline or vicks under your nose before plane rides.

    Don't know if it works.

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  • My knowledge is in women's health but I've never heard something like that. IMO it doesn't have much validity, in fact applied directly to the skin (esp. the nostrils) sometimes can cause irritation.
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  • Not sure about colds, but when my oldest had MRSA, we had to put vaseline or antibiotic ointment in our nostrils to protect ourselves from the bacteria.

    However, the cold germs can still get in through the mouth, so I wouldn't call it an all out preventative.


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  • I certainly wouldn't try this on a baby.  I did however try baby vics rub on the bottom of DDs feet.  It didn't work to help with her cough.
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  • I could see how this would work, but I would not put Vicks on an infants face, I think it would burn?
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  • It would keep you from getting congested and help maintain moisture (because of the petroleum base).  But it won't keep germs out.  Wash your hands frequently and use hand sanitizer when out in public (like when you touch public doors and shopping carts or shake hands).
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