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Postpartum Depression

difference between baby blues and PPD?

I have a 3 day old.  She is so sweet.  I love her so much already.  It's amazing how easy it is to love someone you just meet.

However, I started feeling sad, teary, anxious, scared yesterday before leaving the hospital.  Today, I haven't had any help, but I will tomorrow.  I just feel like I am in a daze.  Baby and I had a rough night.  She was over tired I think and gassy.  I was over tired too.  She has slept most of the day, and I am fearful she won't sleep at night again.

Also, I want to know if I am experiencing the baby blues or the beginning of PPD.  How do I know the difference.

Who do I get help from if I start to feel worse or don't get any better.

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Re: difference between baby blues and PPD?

  • This was me exactly, I cried when I had to leave the hospital I wanted to stay there forever! I talked to my OB about it the week after I came home and they gave me a prescription for zoloft and recommended a counselor.  I now feel great and I'm so glad I reached out for help early.  I couldn't imagine feeling that way for months so I was ready to try anything.  I can honestly say I went from sitting at home crying all day in my PJ's to now loving spending time with my LO.  I'm going back to work in a month and I'm dreading it b/c I love being with my daughter so much.  I went from feeling horrible to loving being a mom, it will get better, good luck.
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  • I'm not a psychologist but I think the main difference is if it goes away or stays.  I definitely had the baby blues - I mean, of course a new baby is totally overwhelming (& mine was colicky on top of everything - we walked him around the house for 2 months straight!!).  There were days I would just break down & cry - then I'd feel totally fine.  Don't be hard on yourself - it takes time to adjust.  See how you feel in a week or so - if you're depressed/sad/crying every day then go talk to your Dr.
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  • That sounds like normal baby blues.  I think its PPD if it lasts more than 2 weeks or so. 

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  • My OB told me that if it goes on longer than 10 days - 2 weeks its more likely PPD.  I felt great for the first 2 weeks after baby was born, then WHAM things got BAD really fast at 2 weeks old.  I went to the OB when she was 4 weeks and she gave me a rx for Zoloft, although I have not started taking it.  She's 3 months now.  If you contine to feel bad for more than a few weeks I would call the OB.
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