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Anyone's child have peanut allergies?

I just discovered yesterday my son, who's 1, is allergic to peanuts from eating his first PBJ. He started breaking out in hives immediately and swelling w/ a horrible runny nose! Luckily he did not have difficulty breathing. I'm hoping he will outgrow it someday. Dr. suggest seeing an allergist. Anyone else experiencing this?

Re: Anyone's child have peanut allergies?

  • My son has a mild egg allergy and we went ahead and went to an allergist to have him allergy tested. I would highly suggest that so you know if there is any thing else to watch out for.
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  • I usually just lurk on these boards, but I wanted to respond because we've just gone through the same situation. Our son, who just turned three, is apparently outgrowing his food allergies -- egg and peanut. I think a lot changes between 2 and 3 years old. Definitely go see an allergist who can track his allergies over time and watch for changes. Be prepared for a bunch of not-fun testing, though. Skin pricks, blood draws...but I think its better to know and avoid the foods than find out the hard way. You'll want to get an epipen for emergencies if the pedi didn't already give you a prescription. I hope he grows out of it! 

  • No we have a milk protein and soy allergy. The doctor is hopeful she will out grow it by age 1.  There is a food allergy board on the bump.
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  • Thanks ladies for your responses! Dr. did prescribe the epi pen. We are planning to see an allergist soon. His hives were gone by the next morning.
  • I don't know if DD has one, by DH does so I am terrified to give her anything with peanuts in it, do we are waiting to give her anything, and when we finally do it will probably be in the parking lot of the ER
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