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New Orleans Bradley class?

Hey Moms! I am looking for an in depth birthing class for my hubby and I. Something more that what the hospital we will be delivering at provides. I am really interested in the Bradley Method, heard wonderful things. Any thoughts?  

Re: New Orleans Bradley class?

  • I took a natural birthclass at touro called Balance Born Childbirth. It was 8 weeks long and I felt like it was indepth. I looked into the bradley classes as well, but at the time the only person in New Orleans who taught was not teaching and I didn't want to have to drive to Slidell or the North shore once a week for 12 weeks. But I have heard great things about the bradley classes.

    If you're considering a natural birth, I would strongly consider delivering at Touro (if you aren't already). They are definitely the most NB friendly hospital in the city.

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  • Ditto what LTF said.  I took the same class and also delivered at Touro.  Loved my experiences.

    I looked into Bradley as well, but couldn't make the classes offered because of my husband's and my work schedules (at the time).  I did read a Bradley book (Husband Coached Childbirth) and that was a good addition to the Balance Born class. 

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