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Help needed -- last minute items?

Planning a trip to BRU this weekend for miscellaneous items.  On my list to buy is:

Lansinoh nipple cream

Breast milk bags

Baby body wash/shampoo

Gas drops


nail clipper

nursing bra

breast pads

extra crib and bassinet sheets, changing pad covers


So, here are my questions...

1.  What else am I forgetting?

2.  What do I need in the way of diaper cremes, etc. (circumcized boy)?  I have wipes and diapers, but nothing else.

3.  How many bibs do you need before they are on solid food?  Do you still need a bunch because of the drooling?



Re: Help needed -- last minute items?

  • 1.  CLOTH DIAPERS.  I use these for everything - to put under her bottom on the changing pad (much easier to wash than the changing pad), as burp rags (not the same ones of course), to clean up spit up, etc.

    On the baby body wash/shampoo, I recommend using regular dove soap and/or cetaphil soaps and lotions.  The Johnsons stuff all has scents which really dried out her skin.  Don't forget baby safe sunscreen.

    For the thermometer, be sure to get a quick read one.  It's nice to have both a rectal and under the arm one. You'll need vaseline or similar to take it rectally.

    For the nail clipper, I find it's easier to file her nails.  Still get the clipper, though.  The health packs that have all this stuff in it are nice, so it's all in a neat little bag.  They have medicine droppers, hair brushes, etc. 

    I'd get regular nursing bras and sleep ones.  The sleep ones are necessary for me to hold the reusable madela pads in place.

    Do you have plenty of plain white socks, onesies, mittens (to cover hands in case they are cold or nails are sharp and the outfit doesn't have the fold overs), kimono tops? 

    Do you have LOTS of HEAVY pads?  This required some walgreens runs for us....

    Alcohol wipes to clean the cord may be supplied by your hospital

    2.  We had desitin b/c that's what everyone rec'd, but we didn't like it at all.  The hospital used A&D, so that's what we ended up buying.

    3.  I haven't used bibs at all.  She doesn't drool, and the cloth diapers are better for bf (I tuck them into my bra when I fold down the nursing part to catch the drops) and for cleaning up spit up.


  • Your list looks great.  I would get some diaper cream, we love Desitin.  For circumcision we needed gauze and vaseline so the diaper doesn't stick to it.  We have tons of bibs but honestly haven't used any, we are just using tons of burp cloths. 


  • * Waterproof pads to put on the changing table. Otherwise you'll be washing the covers all the time. We use it in the bassinet to because she's sleeping longer & leaks sometimes. It's good to for spit up. Make sure you check the size. It's not the lap pads. it's the bigger ones.

    * waterproof mattress pad for the crib?

    * Thick towels with hoods

    * I use the fougerd a&d ointment. It's amazing.

    * We use aveeno baby for baths & used regular cetaphil for her face when she had acne

    * Gripe water

    * We have literally used a bib 3 times so far. ?

    * nail files. her nails were soft when she came out, but were like razors. So i filed them with the baby nail file.

    * newborn brush. for the bad hair do's & in case of cradle cap.?

  • 1. Things not listed that we went to get the first few weeks - batteries for the swing (we used it very early on), miracle blanket, white noise machine (haha we clearly had trouble getting her to sleep and not just cry the first month)

    2. we have a girl so not sure on the boy but we just use diapers and wipes, every once in a while powder (not talc), she hasn't had diaper rash yet

    3. we didn't start bibs until recently 2.5ish months - the drool got crazy and she soaks thru them fast



    Janine image image image
  • We got the temporal thermometer (the pedi uses it) and it's $20 cheaper at costco than at bru.?
  • One more thought - we had lots of receiving blankets for swaddling, a swaddle me blanket, and some sleep sacks.  It's nice having the different options.
  • your list looks great.

    and, we live for bibs... andrew is a MAJOR spitter!

    i cant believe you are so close!! i am so excited for you!!

  • We used vasaline and neosporin for the circumcision.

    I have been using boudreaux's buttpaste for diapering.

    We have not used bibs hardly any at all yet.

    I had to get some Aveeno baby wash b/c the other stuff I got was dryin him out. I use Cetaphil on his face.

    I have used some of the really thin wash clothes to cover his wee-wee during diaper changes to avoid messes.

  • - disposable breast pads

    - Bravado body silk nursing bra - seriously most comfortable thing EVER.  worth every penny ($50)

    - Aveeno Diaper rash cream - it works miracles

    - vaseline (probably good for circumcision)

    - get some of these .  They have saved us from having to change the whole cover many times. 

    - If you're using a pack & Play get some sheets for it. 

    - rectal thermometer.  I've heard your pedi's office will ask for a rectal temp if you call w/ a fever. 

    - Alcohol swab for the stump

    - baby wash cloths - lots!  Avery had a diaper rash the first week and instead of using wipes to change/clean her, I would use a warm wash cloth on her bum.  it helped a LOT with the rash



  • i can't believe you're about to have your baby!! yay! can't wait. our shopping trip may not have worked out, but we'll definitely have to try to get together for a playdate! where are you delivering?
  • Your list and everyone's additions look great. Some others:

    You might also look for Gripe Water (different from gas drops). It worked better for us.

    Do not use J&J products for bath/shampoo. Totally drying, and gave DS cradle crap. We use Aveeno now and it's great. Also Burt's Bees.

    Get lots of baby washcloths, if you are having a boy, they are great peepee covers.

    We got a package of unfolded cloth diapers that we use as burp cloths. Wonderful!, dry quick, easy to clean. He loves them and they are becoming his "lovies" I think.

    Diaper cream: Boudreaux's Butt Paste is the best.

    We use bibs all the time, they spill a lot when they are nursing/drinking from the bottle, so it protects their clothes. Then later for drooling too.

    Best of luck!

  • oh - not sure if you saw my post on the SAL board the other day but I prefer the Lasinoh brand breastmilk bags compared to the Medela brand.  I can't wait until my Medela ones are gone so I can buy some lasinoh ones.
  • I can't believe how close you are!!! You got some great suggestions here. We use aquaphor for diaper rash and it works very well. We barely use our bibs right now. We did early on when she was throwing up all the time. We went through a TON of washcloths in the beginning because she had a clogged tear duct (very common) and it needed to be massaged all the time with a clean wet washcloth.
  • Saline spray to use with the hospital nasal aspirator. It really helps get the boogies out. And we use gripe water every day when he has the hiccups - they don't mind the taste, and it works almost instantly. And I'd make sure you have LOTS of burp cloths - if you have a spitter like mine, you'll go through several per day.


    I can't believe you're so close! ?

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