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Was I to harsh?

  I went off my progesterone meds a week early, and went to the dr today. He was very happy with everything, and even told me I could do a little shopping long as I was in a wheelchair since he wants me to stay on my mod bed rest for one more week. And not to over do it, he said a hour or less should be fine. 

  So off to Target my happy self went, got a electric wheel chair, ready to shop. I really wanted to pick up the rest of the small things I wanted for the baby, and check out the clearance racks for next year. Plus, I admit I may have been going a little stir crazy at home. I have not been out to do anything besides dr's visits in forever. Nothing crazy happens, I get what I wanted, maybe some stuff I didn't need (baby shoes are toooooo cute) and head to the check out line. 

  I unload my cart and while the casher is ringing me out, she starts telling me how I should not be riding in a wheelchair. Its not good for the baby, I need to not be lazy, cause if I am active up till birth its easyer to recover. She knows what shes talking about she has had 3, worked right up till she went into labor. I shouldn't be lazy, I should leave the wheelchairs for people who really need them

I just sit there for a min, my mouth I sure is hanging open, and I didn't feel any, but I sure steam coming out of my ears.

  I looked her in the eyes, and ask her, What hospital do you make your rounds at? What insurance do you go threw for your malpractice suit? She got all deference and says shes just trying to be helpful, that walking is the best thing a expected mother can do.  I put my hand up and say, if you have had 3 kids, then you know how much horrible advice people give you, and if I followed your advice I probably would of had this baby at 28 weeks also. Not everyone has the same pregnancy and you should be ashamed of your self giving medical advice to someone you don't know. She told me I didn't have to be ***, cause she knew what she was talking about.

  we were getting a little loud, I will admit. The head cashier came over to ask what was going on, I was so mad, I just asked if she would please ring me out, and I did not feel like dealing with a know it all, who was giving out horrible advice. She took over, rang me out, apologized and I took my bags and left. I am still mad as heck, but now I wonder if I over acted. I mean I feel like I should write the store manger and complain, but not that Target really has been doing that good lately with public relations so it most likely would get ignored.

Re: Was I to harsh?

  • omg i would have lost it. you handled yourself way better than i would have.
  • No, you were not too harsh and that woman needs some training.  There are numerous disabilities and medical conditions that may not be visible that make using a wheelchair necessary for some people.  She has no right to question someone's use of a wheelchair.  It is rude and disrespectful.  Her manager should train her immediately and further instances should be considered grounds for termination.  I have worked in the area of disability for years and am still shocked by the ignorance of the average person and their willingness to challenge individuals (whether it is using a handicapped parking space, a wheelchair, etc).  Poor behavior on her part and completely justified on your part.
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  • Not at all. I would have been irate and would have asked to make a formal complaint right then and there. She should have backed off the moment you corrected her and aplologized. She certainly should have been fired for calling a customer a b****.
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  • I don't think you were too harsh.From what it sounds like she was just being a rude b****. I'm sorry that she was so rude to you, but it sounds like you stood up for yourself and she definitely deserved what was said to her. If it was me, I would have wished I had a comeback as good as yours, but I probably would have just cried and left, I'm so sensitive these days.
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  • She's lucky she only got your words....had it been me, she would have met my fist too.

     I've been in customer service for years (both food service and sales) and now I'm in HR. I have a huge amount of respect for these people because I can't imagine the rude customers they have to deal with day in and day out. But she tops the list for rude customer service associates.

    I am thoroughly disgusted that she "knows what she is talking about" and felt it necessary to pass on her "knowledge" to you. She should have gone out of her way to provide you additional assistance, not to give her "sound" advice.

    I don't think you were too harsh at all. Maybe you should go back and apologize with a coffee laced in laxatives.

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  • Wow!  She was really out of line and rude. I definitely don't think you were too harsh.

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  •   I just wanted to make sure I was not being overly sensitive before I wrote my complate. Not that I think much will happen with how horrible Target is becoming with there lack of for though or customer service lately. I did get her name, and the lady who finished checking me out. 

      I would of thrown a bigger fit, but I was so tired, and just getting more and more stressed out. I been having painful Bh all evening I think from just being so upset my fiance made me lay down and nap while he took our son to the park so I could calm down.  I am starting to feel better and calmed now. 

    I never give people riding around in a wheelchair, or parking in the handicap spots the stink eye, cause you never know. I do give young guys who park in the expecting or new mom spots the eye if they don't pull out a baby ^^  

  • I would have very clearly mentioned being on doctor ordered bed rest and how this was my first trip out of the house in a really long time. She was out of line for sure.
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  • I don't think you were too harsh at all! I got all irritated just reading about that woman's behavior. All I can say is, GOOD FOR YOU! Not everyone stands up for themselves like that. Good job!
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  • WOW!!! Well being that I am in the middle of a feud with Target right now....I can honestly say that I would have probably been very rude. I think you handled it well. OMG I would right a letter and complain. Did you get her name??

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  • I don't think you were too harsh, I would have done the same thing! I was on modified bed rest with my daughter and there were a few times I went out for a short time and rode a scooter at the store. I was always worried people were going to think I was just messing around on it and say something, but no one ever did. 

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  • Good for you! I wish I had the guts to stand up for myself like you did. She was way out of line and deserved to be told!
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  • Wow, I think you are a better person than I am.  I would have left all my items there, and gone straight to the manager.  I think this employee is due for some sensitivity training. 
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  • I know for a fact I wouldn't have been able to handle myself as well as you did. People assume things all the time and tell you what you're doing is wrong. I got into a altercation(kind of) like this, before I was pregnant though. I was having a severe flare with my crohns disease and dropped alot of weight. I had a cashier tell me that I needed to eat and stop starving myself, and the best thing for me was to go and eat til I was full.. IDIOTS! yeah, eating while on TPN trying to let your stomach heal the holes that are torn in it.
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  • I have been on bedrest for ten weeks and can not even imagine hearing that from ANYONE. Your response was not harsh at all. I have been in retail for 6 years and if that would have been a cashier at my store, I would have written her up and sent her home. As a customer, I probably would have tried to stab her...

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  • WOW! You certainly handled it better than I would have. I would, however, call the Manager and ask for the District Manager's ph# and file a complaint. This woman has NO right to voice her beliefs on anyone.

    Someone that ignorant should NOT be working with the public!

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  • WTF?  After 6 weeks in hospital and 4 weeks home bedrest I was told I could go to Target as long as I got dropped off at the door and immediately got in a wheelchair.  I admit I got some looks but none of the Target employees were stupid enough to tell me something like that.


    Honestly I would have demanded to speak to a manager and called the district manager and told that cashier she was lucky I want my baby to stay in or she would meet my alter-ego.

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