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16 wk scan-concerned

Hi ladies.We had our scan today and found out we are team pink. :)

 Im a bit nervous, the dr saw a cyst on the brain. He said its typically associated with trisomy 18 but said these cysts are so common that they often dont mean it is. He said often they would see something wrong with the baby in the US too such as the heart or clenched fists.  In fact, they saw two prior ones earlier that day. Then I spoke with the genetic counselor and she said the same, and that if she saw this she wouldnt even blink-its that common. We will see more at 20 wks and hopefully the cyst will be gone

 My NT and blood tests for markers made me low risk for trisomy at 1-6500 so I didnt do a CVS.

I feel a bit better after speaking to the counselor but yet it will remain in the back of my  head.

Has anyone heard of this? I dont know if I should wait to get a crib etc...or what. Feedback appreciated!

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Re: 16 wk scan-concerned

  • I'm sorry you had this news today!  I would try not to get too stressed about it.  They made it sound like everything is fine except for the cyst, and they even sounded like the cyst was a common find.  That's not the news anyone wants to hear, but looks like they think it may resolve itself quickly.  T's & P's for your family!

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  • We're in the same boat at 20 week scan, and now waiting to do another scan at 24 weeks. Try not to worry too much, I know it is very scary! Hang in there, as they said it is very common and usually there are other markers too. 
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  • Hi Sham. What did your doctor say to you about it? Im trying not to stress, but just got the news and feel a bit better then when he first blurted it out. They acted like it was no big deal so trying to think that too but then there are the what if's

     How are you handling it?

    Kingsley Kennedy Wolff born March 16, 2012!!!
  • I don't post much on this board, but wanted to respond to your post.  At our 18 week scan the doctor found 2 choroid plexus cysts.  We followed up with a level 2 ultrasound with the maternal and fetal medicine office, and while the cysts were still there, everything else looked "perfect."  They said that while an amnio is the only thing that could tell us for certain, they were over 99.9% sure baby was healthy.  We didn't initally do any testing, but had the quad screen done at 19 weeks.  Our chances of a baby with Trisomy 18 are 1:37,000.

    But I know how scary it is.  The way the correlation to Trisomy 18 was explained to us by the genetic counselor at our appointment was that the cysts aren't an indicator for Trisomy 18.  BUT, there are a high percentage of babies with Trisomy 18 who had/have these cysts.  We have a follow-up u/s in October, when I'll be 28 weeks.  My doctor said that she'd never seen one of these cysts not go away.  It was actually one thing she encouraged me to internet search, just because of the number of positive stories out there.  With improved technology, we're seeing things on ultrasounds we didn't used to.  And these cysts almost always go away on their own as the baby grows. 

    Hang in there!  I know it's scary, but the chances are great that your baby will be healthy!

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  • I know how scary that can be.  My baby had the same thing at our 18 week scan.  If I remember correctly... bilateral plexoid cysts (or something like that)  I read the def on Wikipedia and learned that they can usually disappear and/or stay and most babies grow up to be fully functioning with the cysts and not even know it.  At our last scan, (23 weeks) the cysts had disappeared and the brain has now formed more brain matter where the cysts were are in the clear!  :)

    I wouldn't worry just yet.  You are still a little early along to find out if there will be long term effects.. Hopefully they will go away on their own. XOXO

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  • Thank you guys, you have truly made me feel so much better. I did more research and found at least 30 other posts that read the same thing. I think I can enjoy  now the fun news we heard- we are having a girl!!!!
    Kingsley Kennedy Wolff born March 16, 2012!!!
  • I am so sorry you are going through this.  T&P that it's nothing and will be gone by 20 weeks.


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