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2nd Trimester

what doppler do you recommend?

I've been contemplating buying one. I wanted one when I was pg with my DS, but I never got one b/c I thought it would drive me nuts and I'd want to use it 24/7 lol. So now again I'm looking into getting one this time. Any suggestions??
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Re: what doppler do you recommend?

  • I have the sonoline b. Once lo starts kicking, you quit using it.
  • Pocket Fetal Monitor...on eBay for abt $60.

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  • I also have the sonoline b.  I got this based on many recommendations on here.  I got it on e-bay and brand new paid about $50.  It's pretty basic, but does the job.  I wasn't interested in spending more than $50, so that's what brought me to this one.

    I didn't find what is for sure the babies heart beats until like a week ago.  However, it looks like you're further along than me, so you should be able to find it more easily.

    We LOVE having one.  We have a high risk pregnancy, which as come with many complications.  Being able to listen to their heart beats every day is very reassuring.   

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  • I just purchased a BabySonic Ultrasonic Personal Fetal Doppler last week and I'm glad I did.  It was expensive but I can definitely easily find and hear the baby's heartbeat (and mine) and see how many heartbeats per minute.  It's very reassuring...
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  • Highly recommend the Sonoline B 3mhz baby moniter, also known as Pocket Fetal Moniter. You can find it in a few colors, pink, orange, blue, and green, for about $50 or so on Ebaby. I'm high risk and I got mine and was able to hear my LO early on. It's a great confort to know that even now, if I can't always feel her, I can use my moniter to hear her.
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  • Personally, as far along as you are-- I'd skip it. You should be feeling the baby soon, and then you won't need one! I think it's just another thing to worry/stress over. Trust me, your baby is fine!
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  • I bought a sonoline b as well on ebay. I actually get a kick out of listening for the heartbeat now because you can actually hear the kicks which strikes me as funny for some reason. LOL.

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  • I just use 'My Babies Beat'..the iphone app! it was $3.99 and I can listen to her heartbeat whenever I want using regular headphones!



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