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Baby models needed (3-6 mo)

This is from the lady that Cooper models for... 


NEED NEWBORN BABY MODELS for 3 upcoming photoshoots!! Small 3-6 month olds...SEND PHOTOS TO: [email protected] include DOB/length/weight feel free to share or repost. THANKS!! 

Re: Baby models needed (3-6 mo)

  • Hey, just curious, but what made you put Cooper into modeling?  Does Jax do any?  I ask because I'm just wondering if temperament is what the look for a lot, Lauren is THE most chill baby and a few people have suggested Lauren try it...but I have never looked into it and wouldn't know where to start.  TIA!
    Jack 3.5.07 / Ethan 9.17.08 / Lauren 4.3.11 image
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  • people used to tell me that about jax, so I tried it.  went on one casting call and he wasn't into it...he's just not made for that.  too shy and it's like pulling teeth to get cute pics of him when we really want them.

    so I tried again with cooper and it was like he was made for it.  totally about temperament.  he would light up in front of the camera as well as being so go with the flow.  :)  

    email me if you want more info or have more questions :)   

    eta my email.  daisygirl at davidandstaci dot com 

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  • Staci, are you with an agency or do you just go through Stacey?

     I've met her because she's taken pictures of Juliette for Kidsii and she worked with Luci for a Graco thing. We are with an agency so I've always gone through them but maybe I should just go straight through her? What do you do?

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