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Trying to get any information about how to go about applying for maternity leave is so frustrating!!  No one has the information, and everywhere I am directed has no information either!  The website has nothing, the toll-free self-serve number has nothing, the people I talk to have nothing!!  Anyone in BC know what the heck I'm supposed to do??
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Re: Frustrating!

  • It is all online,

     click apply for EI benefits online, then there is another link for maternity

    Fairly simple, good luck.


  • I've been there, and I don't quite understand when to apply...  at some point I remember reading that you apply before, and then further along on their site, it says to apply when you're ready to go on leave...  It confuses me!
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  • I seem to remember applying once my leave started, or maybe a few days before.  They need your ROE, which I don't think you get until you finish up at work.  Sorry I couldn't be more help, it's been a long time since I applied, and it's not fresh in my mind anymore.  GL!
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