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Went to the doctor again today to make sure that everything is ok. I started spotting-brown on Monday. I am 14 wks as of tomorrow. I had a miscarriage at 11-12 wks last time so I am pretty nervous about everything. Baby was moving around and that little heart was just a beating. I still cant believe it!!! I am going to have a baby! During the ultrasound though the dr said I had an anterior placenta. He said we would talk about it later in pregnancy. In the midst of everything as I am staring at that little heart I barely heard what he said. Now I am looking online and trying to figure out what he was saying. Anyone else have a anterior placenta? What does it mean later in the pregnancy? ThanksBig Smile

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  • It mostly just means the placenta is closer to your belly instead of your back and you might not feel them moving as quickly/soon as others.
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  • One of my twins has one too! No big deal, their kicks will be lighter in the 3rd tri I assume!! It's like kicking into more padding <: Your baby settled in near your front instead of your spine. The unfortunate thing is you will probably feel him later than others.

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  • I had an anterior placenta with DS and it did not affect my pregnancy at all. I don't know what your doctor is concerned about. I wasn't able to really feel him until 20 weeks, but after that it was totally find. No worries, an anterior placenta is normal and your baby will come out healthy and beautiful!

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  • Anterior is pretty common. I have one too. I just can't feel movement yet.

    I think the docs only worry if the placenta moves down to cover your cervix but they won't know that until later.

    Nothing to worry about right now or maybe ever.


    Glad your baby is okay and I hope the bleeding stops.

  • I had one with my DS and I have one again with this baby. It just means you won't feel the baby as often or a quickly as most do. Because the placenta cushions the kicks/movement. It's only an issue if it's low and over your cervix, which I think they'd know by now (it's called placenta previa). Oh also it can be an issue if it's low and you're going for a VBAC (which I am).
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  • I didn't really feel any intense movement until the A/S scan yesterday when she moved the wand around & pushed hard. At the end I noticed she typed "anterior placenta", so I asked her about it. I knew something had to be up since I hadn't been feeling much. It's sad it will take us a while to feel it, but at least it's nothing serious!

  • some babies with an anterior placenta present posterior at birth, which can make for a harder delivery.  but, not usually any harm to mom or baby. 
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  • I had an anterior placenta with LO and to be honest I thought it was kind of nice.  It did take longer to feel movement and it was padded so less noticeble later on.  I could sleep through the night and was comfortable throughout the pregnancy but could still feel my baby etc.  Not sure if it affects labor at all but I didn't have much for labor pains during contractions, probably a coincidence but I don't know.  Will ask u/s tech  when we go for scan if have anterior placenta again.  Only 12 weeks now so not feeling movement yet.
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