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Starting to get nervous

When did you ladies start feeling flutters?  I've read people have started as early as 11wks.  I haven't felt anything yet and it makes me nervous.  This is my second pregnancy, but I lost the first one at 11wks so I don't know what to expect.  I've had the experience described to me and I'd like to think that maybe I've felt something but I'm just not sure.  
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Re: Starting to get nervous

  • Please don't worry. With G, I didn't feel anything until after 24 weeks. If you have an anterior placenta or you're a bit bigger girl, it can take longer.
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  • yeah i don't think i felt anything until around 22 weeks with my DS.. or maybe even 24 weeks..

    this time around i'm feeling the odd "flutter" but it mainly feels like someone lightly burshing my insides..



  • I felt my first pregnancy at 15 weeks.  This time around, I thought I'd feel it sooner since I know what it feels like, still nothing and I'm nearly 15 weeks.  Try not to worry, though I know it's terribly hard after a late loss. 

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  • I felt the first movement at 20 weeks.  My midwife said 18-22 weeks.

  • It's still pretty early to regularly feel movement of any kind.  The movement feeling is very similar to gas/hunger/indigestion etc, you might not even recognize it at first.
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  • I felt a flutter or 2 at 18 weeks. And then starting feeling them regularly at 20.

    The books tend to say anywhere between 16-20 weeks is the average range. 

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  • image LaurdaJean:
    I didn't feel flutters until 17 or 18 weeks.

    Same here with this pregnancy and this is my 3rd. With my other 2 it was around 20-22 weeks.

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  • I first felt a taptaptap at the end of 17 weeks. Nothing really consistent until 21 weeks.
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  • Thanks for all the reassurance.  It really helps.
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  • I think people that say 11 weeks are full of bologna.

  • Not to worry!  I was feeling my stomach hoping to feel a kick at 14-15 weeks, but nothing. I'm thin so I was hoping I would be able to feel his little kicks... When I went in to my appointment, they said since the placenta was tilted forward I may not feel anything until around 22 weeks.  She assured me it was normal, but just different compared to others that may feel kicks earlier in their pregnancy.

     However, I think 11 weeks might be a bit early to feel flutters for many people according to some of the readings online.

  • Don't worry! You're so early! And just because it's your 2nd pregnancy doesn't necessarily mean you'll feel it earlier. Do you know where your placenta is located? If it's in the front it'll be harder to feel.

    I didn't feel definite flutters/mild kicks until 17-18 weeks or so, and even then it was few and far between.

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  • People who say 11 weeks need to take some bean-o.  I didn't feel movement until about 19-20 weeks with my DS, and I haven't felt anything this pregnancy yet.
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