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PP Period

i forgot how bad it sucks to have your period!!!!!!! One very large perk of pregnancy...not having your period! I havent had mine in a year, and it was fabulous. haha. that is all, just sharing!
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Re: PP Period

  • ugh!  I just got mine today for the second time and I am EBF.


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    Pregnant with Letrazole (Femara) on the first cycle with DD after TTC 2+ years
    TTC#2 with Letrazole (Femara) since January 2012
    BFP 06.29.12 EDD 03.11.13 natural m/c 07.13.12
    BFP 09.22.12 EDD 05.31.13 natural m/c 10.07.12
    CP 11.09.12
    BFP 01.01.13 EDD 09.15.13 d&c 01.24.13

    BFP 03.26.13 EDD 12.04.13

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  • I'm not sure if I had mine this week or not. Was the first one awful?


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  • image Duckieer:
    I'm not sure if I had mine this week or not. Was the first one awful?

    I am on my first one now and it's not bad...I only had about 4 days in between when PP bleeding stopped and my period started...It was a lot lighter than I expected. 

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  • I agree! Just got mine and was surprised it came so soon. Lame.
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  • Ugh...Thankfully its not that bad, but still.... Well, at least I got it!! I didnt get it for 13 weeks PP, and my doctors office told me to take a pregnancy test. THAT

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