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stupid rant

So one of my friends mothers posted a picture of an aborted fetus on FB today as some anti-abortion thing.  How dare I comment and say that her picture is offensive and I am pregnant? I was really nice about it.  She got all in a hissy over it.

She just deleted me.  Like I freakin' care!  But seriously, if you can't take heat for posting something vulgar like that then don't.  Duh.  I just don't see how someone would think posting photos of something like that would be a good idea and now I can't get that image out of my head.

I have had the weirdest day!  This was only the icing on the cake.  You would think the full moon was out.  I could use a drink right about now.  :(


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Re: stupid rant

  • What people do in poor taste is just astounding sometimes.  Good thing you don't have to be her friend on FB (or otherwise) anymore.

    Like yesterday for instance.  P was taking a 3-4 yo tap/ballet class and in the very next room this musical theater teacher was teaching a little girl, probably 8 yo, to dance to "Push It".  Completely inappropriate!!


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  • Oh and the house showing we went to was comical. The people wouldn't leave. And their kids were running wild in their underwear. I refused to look any further and walked out. Totally akward. We had an appointment!
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  • That is SO offensive.  I also think that could be very hurtful to someone who's been through m/c or other types of problems. 
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