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PSA: For those who don't like green tea

I have had a really hard time getting on the green tea bandwagon. I really don't like the taste of it. A coworker of mine uses this green tea extract to get all the benefits of green tea, without the bad taste. All you do it is put a few drops in water. She let me try it and I couldn't really taste anything other than the water, which was great for me! Just thought I'd put it out there for other people who also might have a hard time with the whole green tea thing.

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Re: PSA: For those who don't like green tea

  • You can also take green tea pills.  I've found that they work better for CM than actually drinking green tea.
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  • One of the important things to remember about green tea is that you cannot steep it for as long as regular tea. I usually will only steep it for about 2 minutes and then take the tea bag out. It doesn't seem to be as bitter that way.
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