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8 weeks old and sleeping ALL THE TIME

I'm starting to worry a litlte bit about one of my girls.  She sleeps really well during the night - BF'd at about 8 and goes right to bed, sleeps until I wake her around 2 or 3 a.m. and goes back to sleep, wakes around 8 a.m. for the day.  I use the phrase "wakes for the day" very loosely, she is not awake much at all these days.  She eats every 3 hours, sometimes I have to wake her to eat and if I do, I let her go only until it's been 3.5 hours since she ate last.  So she's awake long enough to eat, most times going right back to sleep after.  She might be awake for a total of 2 hours more during the day, that's in addition to being awake for like 20 minute per feeding.  I can't help but compare her to her sister who is still waking every 3 hours during the night and is awake for about an hour after almost each feeding during the day.  Anyone else's 8 week old sleeping a lot??
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Re: 8 weeks old and sleeping ALL THE TIME

  • 9 weeks and always asleep during the day.  up at night here and there - not consistent though, not even close to STTN.  usually her most alert between 430-630 am - exactly when i would like her asleep. 
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  • DD's habits seem to vary from day to day, but she's definitely asleep a lot -- both during the day and at night. 
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  • Yeah I think at that age they are awake (on average) like 6-7 hours a day maybe. I know that sounds like a lot but you'd be surprised how much all the little wakings add up to.  Anyhow, it's totally normal. :)
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  • My almost 8 week old is doing the same thing right now. Actually, yesterday she was the most alert and awake I have ever seen her! But, today- back to sleeping!
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  • Dd is 11 weeks today and sleeps all the time!  She slept from 12:00 am to 11:30 am yesterday, then slept from 12:30 pm to about 4:00 pm!  She's impossible to keep awake, when she's tired there is no keeping her up.
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  • As long as she is still having a good number of wet diapers and is gaining weight I wouldn't worry.  (I say wet diapers b/c at this age she may start pooping 1x per day to once every 2 days or so, much different from the poop-with-every-feeding NB stage.)  DS went through this as well when he was hitting his growth spurts- he'd eat like a fiend when he was awake and conk out for several hours at a time then STTN mostly with one waking at 2am to eat.  Speaking of such he should be due for another growth spurt here soon... 

    HTH! Big Smile

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  • Hadley was the EXACT same way! I asked her pedi and she said it was perfectly normal, some babies just needed more sleep! It drives me crazy b/c she is my only LO and I want to spend time "playing" with her! I let her sleep though!
  • My son is like this some days, it really varies day to day.  Yesterday he was dead asleep for close to 5 hours during the day, we tried everything to wake him with no luck.  He also took several smaller naps and STILL went down like a rock at 7:15pm and slept until 1:45am for his night time feeding.  Other days he only sleeps a few little one hour naps.  I think some days they need a little more sleep than others.


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  • At 8 weeks my DD did this too. I think it's totally normal. I wasn't too worried because when she started sleeping more during the day, she started sleeping better at night too.

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