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Hi there!

I saw you commented on my siggie pic down in the onesies post...first of all, thank you!  I noticed your sweet little one the other day, and then I noticed your DH's OSU sweatshirt in your siggie pic, and then I noticed you're from Brunswick.  We're (sort of) neighbors!  I'm over in University Heights.

Just wanted to say hi...it's fun finding someone else local on the boards.  I don't see very many people from my area on here.

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Re: **lisamoe**

  • Hey! Yes we are from Brunswick...not too far from you :)  I don't really see anyone on here from our area either, usually. 

    I couldnt help but comment on your pic...so adorable!! When were your LO's born?  My DS was born 7/8. Hope you are adjusting well, you must have your hands full with two!

     Keep in touch :)

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