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2 month shots

Olivia got her 2 month shots today.  She did really well, only cried a little when it was done. (That totally broke my heart!)  Right after she was all smiles.  But I guess they must of kicked in a few hours later because she's been sleeping pretty much straight since about 4:00. Is this a normal reaction?  Normally she's very active but She's a little mush today.  :(
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Re: 2 month shots

  • :(  My baby had her first shots just a few weeks ago.  She was born 5 weeks early and shot day was the day I saw her first real tears :*(  It was heartbreaking but I didn't cry!  I nursed her right after in the office and took her home.  She slept afterwards.  My girlfriend and I decided to go out to lunch since she seemed to be doing fine.  Big mistake!  She started fussing a little at the restaurant so I took her out of her car seat and she must have felt absolutely miserable because she started screaming at the top of her lungs, crying inconsolably.  I felt so bad for her (and for myself!)  I can't stand when people feel it's ok to stare!  Anyways...we got our food to go and went back home.  She cried hysterically anytime we moved her...she wanted to be held.  She ran a slight fever..nothing serious. Gave her tylenol once.  And she had some major gas/an explosive diaper (not sure if that had something to do with the rotavirus oral vaccine or unrelated?)  She was fine the next day.  But it's all well worth it!  I've heard of a few ladies this season already who's babies have come down with rotavirus because they chose to not vaccinate.
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  • Yup! :) It can last a few days too so don't be concerned if it continues.
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  • I just posted about this too. My little man slept all afternoon. He seems to be doing ok other than that. I just have him the Dtap and PC but both of those vaccines list being tired as a s/e. Hopefully ur LO will feel better tomorrow.
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  • My boy just got his shots yesterday evening. He has been normal so far, eating has been a little less, but then again he eats like Ndamakong Suh, so I would expect a little less. He went to sleep at his usual 8pm(ish) woke up at Midnight, then at 5am and at 6-7am for his BM. I am expecting some changes to occur still, but he received 3 of his shots, we are spacing them-just to be precautionary.

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