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GD: Different info from different docs! Now I'm a little worried.

I had my level 2 u/s with fetal echo on Wednesday.  The tech and the doc there said the baby was measuring perfectly - right on track for gestational age - no concerns at all.  Then this afternoon, I got a call from my GD office - one of the nurses - who tells me that she plotted the u/s results and says that baby boy is measuring just over the 90th percentile in abdominal circumference (they want it to be 70th or lower).  How did we go from "perfect" to "measuring big" between doctor's offices?!?!  She did say I am right on the beginning of the graph, so they aren't too worried about it yet, but still!   I was so happy he was measuring so well and now they tell me we are in the risk area?!?!  Has anyone else gotten conflicting information like this from their doctors?  

Does anyone know if there is a chart online for seeing what the percentiles actually are? 

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Re: GD: Different info from different docs! Now I'm a little worried.

  • Okay, I know I'm replying to myself, but I found a chart online and the baby's weight was right around above the 50th percentile.  Is it possible for their weight to be on track, but their abdomen be large?  I'm wondering if she was looking at the right week because she mentioned something about 20 weeks and I am 22 weeks.  Fingers crossed she was just plotting it for the wrong week/gestational age.  
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  • I really don't know but I wanted to tell you that at my 32 week u/s the tech said the baby was in the 61st %.  I thought that was good considering I was a big baby so I expect a big baby.  The OB I saw the next day lectured me about my sugars (which have been fine) and said  that we are trying not to have a big baby.  I saw my own OB two weeks later.  She said the report (which came in after my previous appt.) put the baby in the 70th%.  Huh?!  We even double checked to be sure it was my report.  So, I am guessing, purely guessing here, that the weight was in the 61% but maybe the computer calculated 70% using all the measurements?!  I don't know.  I do know my doc just kind of shrugged.  I am measuring right on the money when she measures my belly.  She's happy with my progress.  And that's why I take half days from work to make sure I see her and not the other one!! ;)
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  • I got the actual report since I had to go to the backup OB with the info for my VBAC (I was with a midwife group).  Baby's head was 4 weeks ahead or something like that, which skewed everything, but they weren't concerned.  Plus there are bigger babies both in utero and after they are born, with or without GD.  I like to gather as much info as possible if it could possibly be used against me, which is why I requested an extra copy for myself and looked up the info myself with the actual numbers vs. percentiles. 
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  •   I would not be to worried, babys born to diabetics, including GD a lot of times  have a bigger circumference around the abdominal.  I was freaked out 3 weeks ago when my weekly u/s showed her tummy ahead by 4 weeks, but they said its normal, and the last two weeks, she has been only 2 weeks with too day not ahead at all. 

      Ask your U/s tech for a chart, and your dr for a copy of hers. I got copys of both of mine's chart, and they actually are a little different.  

  • with GD it is very possible that the babies weight in general isnt too much but the stomach is large. The lady who performed my growth ultrasound said that with GD they worry about the stomach's size becuase thats what tends to be larger then the other areas of the babies body. Also she said because the stomach is normally larger it makes the shoulders broader and bigger which can complicate delivery.
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