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We are going to be registering in the next few weeks (gender u/s is about a week and a half away) and was wondering if anyone has used a termporal artery thermometer.   I'm thinking about registering for one and was wondering how accurate they are.  I know they are more expensive.  I like the fact that they are non-invasive and convenient but I don't know about their accuracy.  I would probably also have a rectal thermometer, too, for back-up.   Thoughts?

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Re: Thermometers

  • We have the Vicks Rectal Thermometer and it's really easy to use. My DD is a toddler now and has never once minded or even seemed to notice when we were using it.

    I dont have much specific knowledge about the temporal artery thermometers, but I do know that most docs prefer and appreciate the rectal temp as it seems to be the most accurate.

  • This is what we registered for @ Target:


    From what I hear, a rectal thermometer is the most accurate for an infant.

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  • I have one and I love it.....the boys are (almost) 4 and 5 now but its quick and fairly accurate.....I would keep a cheapy rectal on hand and use it only if the tempral seems high....I think it is genrally 1-2 degrees lower than the rectal

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  • You don't need it.  I actually got this and took it back.  Babies in general don't mind the rectal (While they hate axillary) and it is the most accurate.  (I know I've taken thousands...I work in a ICU setting.) You can even keep the one the hospital gives you to be your rectal if you want.  That way you can keep your fancy one nice and clean. lol I'm glad to have spend the $50.00 somewhere else but that is just me.
  • For infants you need a rectal thermometer.  If you call the doctor for a fever they will want to know the rectal temp and will tell you that any other method is not as accurate.  Now that my DD is older I am thinking of getting an ear thermometer since that's what they use at the Pedi's office.  I would go with the ear thermometer over the forehead one.
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  • Love my temporal thernometer - hate the ear thermometers.  You can use the temporal over and over and the kid never even notices or wakes up.  It literally takes less than two seconds to get a reading.  There's no germs to worry about and if the reading seems off, you can check your own temp as a control.  It will also tell you the room temp if you hold it in the air.  I have two - best invention ever.  The last time I had surgery, the hospital used this kind of thermometer.

     With the ear thermometer, it's way too easy to get an incorrect reading.  If an ear infection is present, your reading will be too high, and if you don't aim it exactly right in the ear canal, the reading will be way low.  My doctor's office has written 94 down for a temp before based on an ear thermometer reading when my child actually had a fever.  And if the baby does have an ear infection, shoving a thermometer in his/her ear is torture.

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