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LP Treatment ?

What is the least aggressive step you can take to treat a LP defect?  Will some MD's prescribe progesterone to try and treat it before clomid?  I am reading different things on Dr. Google.  I am hoping to see an RE in the next few weeks.



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Re: LP Treatment ?

  • Some ladies try B6 and B12 for slight deficiencies. I preface this with the advice that you should always consult a doctor before adding any supplement.

    For LPD, usually progesterone is prescribed.

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  • I started taking B6 supplements and went from 9 days to 11 days to 13 days - essentially increased by about 2 days each month. We'll see what this month looks like!

    Agree with the pp who said to talk to your doctor. Mine didn't want to "do" anything about it quite yet (in terms of progesterone supplements, clomid, etc.) since we had just started trying - a decision I fully agree with as I would like to avoid those things if possible - but was in support of me trying B6. Research shows that anywhere between 50-200 mg per day is what's needed to make a difference. Of course, not everyone responds the same, and for some, a LP deficiency can be a sign of bigger problems that may need more serious intervention. But at least for me, 100 mg/day seems to be working. GL!

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  • I have an appt with my OB for this exact reason on Tuesday.  She agreed that 5 cycles with 7-8 day LPs needs to be addressed sooner than later.  I'm assuming she's just gonna have me take B6/12 but I'm curious to hear what else she has to say.
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