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Crafty AW - since it's been a while

Finished these a week or so ago and just got around to uploading the pics. There was no pattern for the hat, but I had leftover yarn so I adapted the pattern at the bottom of the sweater. I'm really starting to love knitting :)

Click for bigger.

image image

Re: Crafty AW - since it's been a while

  • I'm totally jealous of your knitting skills.

    Also Happy Due Date! 


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  • Oh wow, those are beautiful! I can knit, but definitely not like that!
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  • That sweater makes me miss my Granma.  I had a sweater that same style that she knitted in horrendous 70's brown.  But I loved that sweater!

    I love the hat! 

  • The hat is adorable! Makes me want to learn how to knit:)
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  • I can crochet like a pro but I totally suck at knitting! You go! Those are awesome. I want to knit a skirty for DD2, wanna help? Ill pay! Btw. How much longer does the eviction notice last until she is kicked out? Since I'm having a HB I'm scared I'm going to have to be induced for baking her to long.
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