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anyone ttc after the pill

I've been off the pill for two weeks i know it won't happen right away but i wish it would. anyone have that same feeling?

Re: anyone ttc after the pill

  • Nope. No one in here has ever been on the pill that I know of and I'm pretty sure that everyone is hoping it takes a very long time ttc.

    Sarcasm aside it may take a while for your body to regulate after coming off of the pill. GL


  • What type of BC were you on, just asking. I was on the ring off and on for 3 years. I have offically been off the ring since March 2011...i feel i am finally normal on my cycles..i think? I know for sure i am getting AF cramps when i never got them on the ring.
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  • I''ve been off the pill since mid-june. It can take awhile to regulate your cycles after coming off birth control.  I have had a 32 day cycle, 24 day cycle and Im on cycle day 42 of my 3rd cycle with no AF in sight.  Took 2 tests today FRER (6 days sooner) both were BFN but both had evap lines (with pink colored lines-- not gray) show up after 30 minutes.  I don't know what to make of this, since this month as been so weird and chances are I'm not pregnant..but 2 tests/2evaps seem interesting. I plan on testing again on Sunday with a different brand to make sure. I suggest you sign up for Fertility Friend-- or click on my ticker. Its free and will help answer a lot of questions.
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  • First cycle off BCP took 62 days, as PP said, it could take a while for your body to get back into the groove.

    I suggest reading the newbie link:

    Good luck!  

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  • I came off the pill last month. AF finally arrived yesterday CD37...
    m/c @ approx 4-5 wks 12/11/11
    [url=]My Ovulation Chart[/url]
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  • with my DS pregnancy I conceived the first cycle right off the pill; this cycle I am hoping the same happens, but we'll see.  I am pretty sure I O'd but I know it is not really possible to confirm without opk tests or temping.  I am in my 2ww wait now, so we'll see

    good luck!

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  • I was off the pill for not even a wk when I found out about DS... we werent TTC..n

    Now that we are TTC Im really nervous that I will get my hopes up that it will happen fast-and I fear it wont..

  • I just finished my last pill pack a few days excited to start the ttc process.
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  • I could happen right away.

    I got off the pill, and had unprotected sex ONLY on the day of ovulation, so one shot got me pregnant. I was lucky.

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  • I am on my 3rd cycle off BCP and my body is still regulating.  This is my first month using OPK's and here I am on CD17 and still no + (I have been testing 2-3 times a day). Last month my cycle was 24 days and the cycle before 28 days.  So yes it may take your body some time to regulate after being on BCP.  Hopefully it won't take you too long! Good Luck!!
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  • I've been off of the pill (desogen) since April, and have yet to conceive. Its been 6 months and I'm hoping it happens soon. I'm not sure if I got a "normal" cycle..because I have never actually been normal lol But GL and I hope it happens soon for you!
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  • I have been off the pill for 2 weeks... today CD 13, I'm feeling very crampy like maybe i'm Oing..

    I'm wondering if everyone's different stories of some women conceiving right away and then some not after getting off BC has anything to do with the brand of BC... I know there are so many different kinds.. each with different levels or hormones...

     Anybody know about this?

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