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What do you take for your GD?

With my first pregnancy, I was on insulin injections, but since I'm now taking heparin shots twice a day for clotting problems, I'd really like to minimize the times I have to poke myself.  Do you take anything orally, or do I just need to brace myself for more needles?  I have an appointment today, and I feel sure my doctor will put me on something starting today because my numbers have been edging up over the last three weeks.  Diet and exercies aren't cutting it anymore. Boo.

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Re: What do you take for your GD?

  • I take insulin.  Some doctors offer glyburide, mine doesn't.  Technically, it is not FDA approved for use during pregnancy, as there have not been enough large sample studies (it is an approved blood sugar med otherwise).  Personally, even though I hate needles, I prefer the insulin.  It is something your body already makes naturally and doesn't cross the placenta.
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  • I take insulin in the morning. So far I can control all my sugars after breakfast with diet. My insulin injections don't really hurt at all. Pricking my finger hurts more. Good luck!

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  • Metformin is a pregnancy safe diabetic medication. I just want to put that out there. I'm a type 2 diabetic so I don't have experience with GD.
  • I take Glyburide every night before bed to help with my fasting numbers.  Otherwise I've been diet controlled during the day.  I had some hesitations about taking the medicine but it's widely used in Europe and obviously many doctors here in the US feel like it's safe or they wouldn't prescribe it.  And since I've been on it I've had no anxiety in the mornings about my fasting numbers so it's been a blessing for me!
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