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Would you buy this?

I saw this in a magazine and had never heard of it before. Would you buy this?


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Re: Would you buy this?

  • No.  How hard is it to make a bottle?  This is totally overkill and unnecessary IMHO.  That said I'm sure some sucker will buy it.
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  • I think it is so wasteful but if someone gave me I would definitely use it. Our LO goes from cueing hunger to literally screaming bloody murder in about 2 seconds. Now if it washed, sterilized and made the bottles all in 1 minute then I might consider buying it :c)
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  • No! It's for people who are lazy, have too much money and a lot of room on their kitchen counters.



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  • not for $300! if it was $20 then yeah! i'd give it a try.

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  • If we used formula I wouldn't buy it.  Formula is expensive enough as it is!

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  • Agreed, if it was cheaper and you could use regular formula it's a clever idea, but for the price, what a waste!
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  • Maybe if I had quadruplets or ran a daycare center. Otherwise, no.
  • I BF, but even if I did formula this would be ridiculous. And what happens if your baby doesn't tolerate that brand of formula? Thats a lot of wasted money!
  • imageYellow_Daisy:
    No.  How hard is it to make a bottle?  This is totally overkill and unnecessary IMHO.  That said I'm sure some sucker will buy it.

    I'm gonna go with this.

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  • I think it's just another perfect example of how lazy people have become... although I have often thought they should make a formula dispenser like the sugar & cream dispensers at McDonalds... you know, they just push the button and it shoots one serving of cream? But the formula one would shoot out one scoop of formula.... maybe that's being lazy too, just think it's smart!
  • Haha! It is a K-Cup coffee machine for babies.

    Crazy.  It isn't hard to make a pitcher of formula if you FF.  What an odd thing.   

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