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almost 15 weeks & i dont feel pregnant.

ill be 15 weeks in less than 2 days and i still dont feel pregnant. I know that sounds insane ive heard the heartbeat im 3 weeks away from finding out what he/she is but for some reason it still hasnt kicked in. Please tell me that im not the only crazy one...

im starting to feel a bit sad that i cant connect with the idea of something growing inside me.

Re: almost 15 weeks & i dont feel pregnant.

  • That's understandable.  You'll start feeling different once you feel the baby moving around!  I felt LO move with my 1st when I was 17-18 weeks...hang in'll "feel" prego soon!
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  • Don't worry, it'll kick in when you start hitting your belly on the countertop just trying to get a bowl out of the cabinet   Stick out tongue

    I think everyone goes through that awkward stage at the beginning of the second tri. I certainly did. When I was 15 weeks I didn't have much of a bump and wasn't really feeling baby, but I wasn't sick anymore either. But 4-5 weeks later when my bump started exploding outward and LO started reminding me she was there with regular kicks to the bladder (and now the belly button, that one really tickles!), it goes away pretty quickly.

    Hang in there!

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  • It's okay. At 15 weeks the only thing I was feeling was constipated Wink LoL
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  • Your not the only one. I will be 16 weeks tomorrow and I don't really feel pregnant. I do have a lil baby bump. I never got sick just really tired. The only thing I passed out last weekend and got 5 stitches in my chin so make sure your eating a lil something every three hours and make sure you drink your 10 glasses of water. So the pregancy is starting to hit me a little. Plus I now can't sleep on my belly :( If your siatic nerve starts to kick in strech. Thats a killer. But I still don't feel like I have a lil baby in me :)

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  • No worries, most days I don't feel pregnant either. My husband asks me the other day when we were dancing at a wedding, do you think about how the baby is doing flips since you're moving all around and I'm like umm no not really. I mean I know its in there and half the time when people say how's the baby, I saw, the doctor says its still in there. Once it kicks I think I'll feel more connected. I'm super excited but not quite connected yet. 
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  • I Feel the same way. Don't worry. I am glad you posted this though. I keep having people tell me how small I am that I'm not really showing. The baby is only an avocado so why should I look like a melon. lol!
  • You are so NOT crazy. Though, I think I must be. I'm almost 18 weeks and I've been feeling Lemon move for the past 1.5wks. I still don't feel pregnant. Wrapping my head around the fact that there's a PERSON in there...Wow. I still can't believe it.
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  • Its common to not feel pregnant at this stage.You have just entered your second trimester and all those annoying first trimester symptoms go away or should.After I hit 14 weeks I started feeling so much better and now I'll be 22 weeks tomorrow.I know I'm carrying a baby and she let's me know she's there but if I didn't look down at my stomach every five seconds I wouldn't think I was pregnant.I actually feel like I did before I got pregnant, besides the fact that I have to pee every 30 minutes,I feel amazing.Oh and as someone mentioned getting kicked in the bladder,I got a taste of that yesterday lol
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  • I know exactly how you feel. I am 16 weeks today, and still can't really believe there's a little person inside of me. Just coming in to the second trimester, all of your more noticeable pregnancy symptoms are gone, but you STILL can't feel the baby! So it kinda just feels like....nothing. Don't worry though, I keep reminding myself that I will be feeling my little one move ANY day now and thats helping a bit. :)
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  • Don't worry about it! I was right there too at 15 weeks. It took a while for me to connect, and didn't really connect until I had a real bump, instead of bloating. Now I can feel LO move, kick and roll and it makes it that much more real. Hang in there - I think if you find out what you're having that'll help you bond more.
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  • I know exactly what you mean.  I didn't feel pregnant at all until I was about 17 weeks, I had to keep peeing on sticks just to make sure. It didn't quite seem real until I started to feel it move around 22 weeks.  Didn't help that I never had morning sickness or any other symptoms until quite late.  Don't you worry, it'll come soon enough.  Right now this little one is kicking me pretty much constantly to remind me he/she's still in there!!
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