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Need to vent...

Lady at work had to make another comment about how big I am and how the shirt I am wearing is not going to work much longer. I'd better not dry it for sure. I started out over weight and have felt pretty good about myself only gaining so far 6 lbs. I am still able to wear some of my pre-prego clothes. Yes I am showing but I don't feel that I am huge enough to warrent her comments.  Just feeling pretty low.... Thanks for reading.....
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Re: Need to vent...

  • I can relate, the guy in our cafeteria yesterday asked how many months, I said 4.5 and he said, wow you are already big. 

    Thanks, buddy.  I haven't actually gained any weight, but I'm definately showing since this LO#2.

    Some people are just idiots.

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  • It sure is a pain.. but really all of us are just going to keep on getting bigger..

    i try and let those comments slide away.. it's like all those people trying to give you advice.. let it go in one ear and out the other..

    Cause really we're all just starting to show..and it's only going to get worse from here


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  • people are just rude and inconsiderate! you are both are beautiful!! embrace being pregnant! Im 17 weeks now and have gained a few pounds but its all a blessing!! I have a baby bump as well and was overweight pre pregnancy as well but i feel great and my husband says i look great! so what others say really dont matter as long as you and your significant is happy! Have an awesome day ladies!!!

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  • How rude!

    Thank God I havent deal with any comments like that yet...I would probably flip out. I dont know why people think they have the right to make comments to pregnant women about how big they are getting.  While we all know we are getting or going to get big...very few women like hearing it anyway.  So sorry you had to deal with that.


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  • Here is the deal.

    1.  Bitchy ladies at work think you should be wearing mumu's and pup tents so anything that has fabric that even hints at a bump is automatically deemed "WAY too small" in there eyes.  Tell her you're wearing a tube top next week.

    2.  Other people have absolutely no idea how "big" one gets in pregnancy, yet they always seem to think that they do.  They always seem to open their mouths too.  They have no concept of how big or little your stomach should be at any given point during a pregnancy.

    3.  A lot of people think it's complimentary to tell you how big you are getting.  Why anyone would ever think that it's cool to tell a woman she's a cow is beyond me, but it is a universal truth.  

  • I had a woman at work ask me today if I'm having problems driving.  I asked her what she meant, and she asked if I'm having issues fitting behind the wheel.  Really?!  I'm carrying twins, so even though these are my first I have a definite baby bump going on, but I'm not that big (yet!).
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  • People are dumb... and you're not alone at all in this.

    Walking down the hall at work this afternoon, an older lady said to me, "Wow, you really walk like you're expecting a baby!"  Yes... I know... I waddle ALREADY!  I try not to people, really, I do.  Don't remind me that I've got another four months of lugging this belly around!  

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  • That was so rude of her! I am sorry you had to go through that, and to be blunt I do not even own one maternity shirt. This is because I wear peite/small sizes and I feel overwhelmed in maternity shirts lol Im waiting as long as possible. She obviously was having a bad day. Hang in there.
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