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2nd Trimester

I'm moving over

I feel finished with my first trimester so I'm moving on over to the 2nd tri board :)  So glad to be joining you ladies and to share in other topics!  I'm also excited to start feeling the baby move and grow my baby bump! 

At the beginning of this pregnancy I was pretty anxious about having another baby when I have a 14 month old, but now I'm feeling much better about it.  I loved having siblings and know mine be good friends.  It took some time to sink in but now I'm really excited about this next phase of life.  There are definitely things that I'll have to figure out (like how do you take 2 kids to the grocery store?) but I have help and we'll figure it out.

Any other April 12th due dates?

 Here's me and my baby girl :)


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Re: I'm moving over

  • As do I feel finished with the frist trimester. As a rebe,l  peeked over to see if there was anyone close to my due date posting. I am due April 10th. This is my first baby, i def dont have any advise about, how to shop with two small ones lol. My concer is how am i going to jugle being a mother, wife, and career woman.

  • I am due April 16. I was originally due April 9 and that is still what my ticker reflects. I figure baby will probably arrive somewhere in between. Big Smile


    I have an eleven year old so it's been a long time since I've done this pregnancy thing! Sure has been interesting. Wink

    Sweet Baby Girl was born on 3/30/12.
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  • I am moving over too, due April 15th. If I have to read one more "I think I might be pregnant, but am too dumb to buy a test" post, I am going to throw up.
  • I'm due April 7th and I have a 16 month old.  I definitely feel anxious about the transition to two little ones but I definitely wanted my kids to be fairly close in age so that they could be friends. 
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