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Invisible fence?

If you have one, who installed it? Are you happy with it? Do you have wired or wireless? How old were your dogs when you trained them?

My two older labs struggle to get down all the steps to go potty in our fenced back yard. I'd like to be able to let them out to potty in the front but need a way to safely contain them so they don't take off after any other dog walkers or bikers.
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Re: Invisible fence?

  • We have a PetSafe wired one that DH installed for our backyard.  It definitely did the job when we needed. The most annoying thing about it is that every once in a while some weirdness happens with the weather or something, and the box beeps like there's a problem with the circuit.  We got it when our rescue dog was brand new to us and jumped the fence trying to follow me one day.  We don't actually use it anymore because he has settled in.  He was ~4 years old when we adopted him.  It just took one zap for him to get the idea.  I like that the collar beeps at them to give them a warning. 

    Some people in our neighborhood have one in their front yard.  When I walk my dog, their beagle sometimes goes over the line and into the street - I don't know whether they just don't have it turned up enough, or the dog doesn't care, or if the battery in the collar is bad.  Anyway, if you do install one in the front, make sure to keep an eye on the batteries and make sure it is cranked up enough to really deter them from leaving the yard.  

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  • We tried to do the invisible fence, but our crazy dogs would just take the zap and not think twice to chase squirrels, chimpunks, kids they knew on bikes etc. We only kept the system about a month because I never trusted it completely and it also doesnt keep other kids/animals etc out of your yard. It was probably more of a trust issue with me and my dogs and feeling inhumane that they would get zapped  to play. We ultimately fenced our backyard with a real fence.
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  • We just had one installed by the Invisible Fence company.  Our dog is 6-8 months old. The guy that installed the fence showed DH some training steps. It only took him getting zapped once and he's never crossed the fence line again.  The collar gives off a warning beep if he gets too close and then it does the shock if he crosses it. 
  • My parents have one and my dad installed it around the yard himself.  The yard is 3/4 of an acre.  Gunner was probably about 2 when it was installed.  They got him when he was 1 1/2 years old from the pound and he was a runner.  Any time he got out he was gone for hours.  It probably took about 6 mo for him to stop jumping the fence.  He would see a rabbit and run like crazy, yelp as he crossed and then keep on going.  The only thing to remember is to take the shock collar off when you catch him so that he doesn't get shocked when he comes back in the yard, so make sure to bring a leash with you to catch your dog.

    Every now and then the circuit would go out and he would be able to leave the yard.  Also, he'd get out when the battery died in the collar.  

    But he's gotten used to it and after about 3 years of always having the shock collar on, he has been able to go out in the yard without his collar and not run off for the past 5 years.  

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