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Hey ladies.  so far we have been really lucky to have my DH's mom look after C, or my parents look after him when we want to go out.  With winter coming ( C's mom lives about 40 minutes away and wont drive into town in the winter) and my parents heading to Australia for 3 months we are trying a local teenage as a babysitter.  What do you pay a sitter/hour?   If you are only getting them for a couple of hours is there a minimum that you would pay even if it is more than you would pay per hour for a longer sitting session?  TIA
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Re: Babysitter Rates

  • We pay our nanny $8/hr for 15 hrs a week. If she watches Louie for an evening outside her normal hours, I pay $10/hr.
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  • If you are using a younger individual I would think $10/hour would be appropriate.  We use people from LO's DCP as sitters, so we pay them a bit more at $12/hour.
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  • We pay $10/hr for our teenager next door.  That's high, however, she is very responsible and we figure if we pay her good she will want to keep coming and will pick us over other friday night plans!

    I think $8 is acceptable for a highschooler though.  Especially if the kiddo will be in bed half the time.

  • We used to have a senior in high school baby sit.  We paid her $8/hr.  She went away to college and now we have a freshman baby sit.  We pay her $6/hr.  Both girls are from our church and we know fairly well.  Very responsible (the first time the freshman baby sat her mom even came with b/c it was the first time she had ever baby sat), and trustworthy.  I typically round up, so if they "should" get $24 I give $25 (terrible example, but whatever).

    I've been told different things by different families.  Some say $8 is too much, other say they pay $10.  I'm friends with the mom of two high schoolers that do a lot of baby sitting and she said they get $6/hr typically and she thinks even that is generous (for one child, at night).  

    Once LO2 comes along we will definitely be paying more as there will be a lot more work!

  • Around here sitters get $10-$15 an hour.
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  • We are going to pay our 8th grade babysitter $8/hr. When I was in college (7 years ago), I got paid $10-$15/hr.
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  • Wow these are super high!  In our area when I "nannied" on my summers i charged 6 an hour!!!!  but we're also in an area of the country where cost of living is relatively low (i.e. our 1200 sq foot house cost us 100k)
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  • We use an in-home daycare. Our "babysitter" only watches one other boy FT, another boy PT and our boy FT. She charges $3/hr and we use her about 40hrs a week. $3/hr seems cheap, but it adds up real quick!

    ETA: I didn't really read your entire question Embarrassed When I was in HS and even a few years after graduating, I charged $8/hr per kid. I think by the time I graduated I upped it to $12/hr and most of my existing families didn't mind.

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  • In my area (which is high COL), I would pay a high schooler $12 or college student $15.
  • Thanks for the input.  The sitter is 15 so we will go with $8/hour for know and I will double check with her that this is on par for our area.  When I asked her what she was usually paid she said whatever I thought was fair (I babysat in junior high but that was over 15 years ago) so I was pretty clueless.


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  • Can I ask what area of ON you are from?  Not to be creepy, but what you will pay in Toronto will be a lot different then if you live in really is area dependant as to what is acceptable pay.  I lived in Ottawa for many years and I know my friends pay their HS sitters around $10/hr.

  • We are in Barrie, so I don't think we have to go with the TO rates, but it is hard to know.
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