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What's the most exotic/weird thing you have ever eaten? I find this really interesting because I won't even try things like venison. I've had a shark steak once and conch a few times. I love most seafood so I've had octopus and squid but neither are exotic.
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Re: Stolen from my BMB

  • Escargot and frog legs. The frog legs were okay, tastes just like chicken. Escargot is awesome. I love them smothered in garlic and butter!
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  • Rabbit, boar, antelope.  IDK

    ETA: maybe escargot?  I freaking love that stuff

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  • Probably sushi LOL.  I don't eat very weird things. 
  • Alligator and Pate' (is that how you spell it)...both on dares, I'm very picky.

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  • Alligator is the only one I can think of.  Elk?  I don't know, is elk weird? 
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  • I had live scallop sushi once.
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    I had live scallop sushi once.

    Yeah, I draw the line at stuff that is still alive.

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  • When I was little we used to pull snails off the rocks at the beach and take them home and boil them.

    I don't know if that counts as escargot, lol.

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  • Prairie oysters.  Breaded and fried calf testicles.  They actually kind of taste like popcorn chicken.

  • Chicken liver-gag, Alligator, calf frys, escargot? 

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  • Shark, which I loooove.
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  • Uni at a sushi restaurant (sea urchin). Blech.
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  • Venison, lamb, frog legs, alligator, octopus. 
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