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Can Pregnancy give you a thyroid problem?

I was at the doc for my 12 week check up and I mentioned how I was gaining weight so fast and I felt like I wasnt eating all that bad 10 lbs gained at 12 weeks. she felt my thyroid and said it was alittle larger then it should be and I should have my levels checked. I mentioned how just 4 months earlier at my regular checkup (not pregnant yet) I had them checked and they were normal. and she just said oh sometimes people just have larger thyroids? Now I think about it they have felt my thyroid at all my yearly checkups and never mentioned me having a larger thyroid. My mother has thyroid disease and has taken meds everyday for like 12 yrs. so now I starting to wondering wether maybe the pregnancy could have given me a thyroid problem? I go this coming thursday and I will ask for a thyroid test again but was just wondering if anyone else ever had something similar

Re: Can Pregnancy give you a thyroid problem?

  • fyi I feel like my weight is very high for how far along I am 12 lbs in 15 weeks and I am sooo tired sleeping about 11 hrs at night with a nap when i can get it..which I know are symptoms of just  being pregnant and a thyroid problem. 
  • Yes.  Ask to be retested.
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  • I believe the answer is yes.  At my 2nd OB appt my doctor mentioned that my thyroid level was slightly elevated (based on my initial bloodwork with them) and that they were considering retesting it just to evaluate the levels again.  But she also said that its normal for a woman's thyroid level to be elevated due to pregnancy and often times isnt anything to worry about.  I also vaguely recall hearing some women speaking of having to take some medicine or another because their thyroid levels were high during pregnancy. 

    Not sure why they simply just don't test it instead of telling you to go get it tested though bcs my OB was able to do the test...seems like it was a simple blood test. 


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  • Yes - being treated for hyperthyroidism supposedly brought on by pregnancy. The endo couldn't have stressed more the importance of having it medicated.

  • My sister was diagnosed with a growth on her thyroid during her first pregnancy.  She had it removed after and tested. 

    I would think you are at an increased risk and you should get it checked out.  

  • Yes. With my first pregnancy my levels were normal. With this pregnancy when they did bloodwork at my 8 week appointment my results were higher than normal (higher levels of TSH which means hypothyorid). They put me on synthroid and I get re-checked at every appointment. Thyroid levels are very important to maintain within a normal range, especially during pregnancy. 
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  • Yup, my thyroid went wonky shortly after getting pregnant. I am on synthroid now and it helped with the exhaustion immensely, I also think its the reason I haven't gained much weight early on. Definitely get it checked (they usually test your levels anyways b/c this is so common).
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  • yes...I developed hypothyroidism while I was pregnant with my daughter & I have it now with this lil guy...I take synthroid & get my blood checked every 6 weeks.
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  • Being someone who was diagnosed with Thyroid disease several years prior to becoming pregnant i cannot stress to you enough how important it is to have things in order.  The Thyroid effects several different systems in your body and its very important to have your levels at normal range in the development of your fetus.  I have to have my blood work checked every 4 weeks during my pregnancies.  I am on baby #2 and this time around my levels are reacting completely different.  The lovely world of auto immune diseases.  

    But yes i highly recommend you have your levels checked and see an endocrinologist if you need meds.  The studies on replacement therapy is forever changing and you should be working with someone who knows the latest.

     Best wishes to you, worst case scenario you will get some meds and feel better :) 


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  • I have Hashimoto's Disease, which means my body has thyroid antibodies and it is genetic.  However, it was pregnancy that caused the first flareup.  I stayed hypothyroid after pregnancy and now I am always on Levythyroxin...We check my thyroid often.
  • My thyroid is definitely going weird right now.  My dr said that pregnancy can cause the thyroid to become enlarged.  Mine was.  I had an ultrasound done on my thyroid and am undergoing test to find out about a growth (nodule) that was discovered as a result of the thyroid.  Definitely as to be retested and if your thyroid is enlarged also ask for an ultrasound because blood work may not necessarily tell the whole story.

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