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Cleaning chemicals!

Last night I was cleaning the bathroom, using a bleach product on the shower and bathtub. I accidentally mixed the bleach with some Mr. Clean I had poured in the tub. It released this awful smell, so I suspect the two chemicals mixing released some kind of ammonia - so stupid of me! I'm super worried that I may have caused harm by breathing it in. Should I be concerned?



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  • My google search of "ammonia pregnancy" revealed a bunch of links, but the most helpful I found was a public health announcement on ammonia.  Here's what it has to say about ammonia and pregnancy:

    " One study in animals showed that exposure of mothers to very high levels of ammonia during pregnancy caused their newborn offspring to be smaller than normal, but this occurred at levels of ammonia that also affected the mothers"

    It doesn't sound like you have too much to worry about. 

  • I wouldn't be concerned...but call your dr if you are worried
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  • That is why my doc said to leave the cleaning (with harsh chemicals) up to my dh to do. That is fine with me Smile
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  • image Sept1799:
    That is why my doc said to leave the cleaning (with harsh chemicals) up to my dh to do. That is fine with me Smile

    This is giving me the idea to convince my doc to tell my SO the same thing... cleaning the bathtub is getting more and more difficult!

    To OP: I wouldn't be too worried about it, if it didn't cause any serious breathing issues for you I can't imagine it would have hurt your baby.  Not something you want to be exposed to on a daily basis, but accidents happen.  Also, remember your sense of smell is probably way more sensitive, so what you might have considered a super strong odor, a non-preggo you might have considered just kind of stinky.

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  • I am a green cleaner to begin with but especially so since I have been pregnant. I would recommend using something natural to avoid this. I use borax to clean my bathroom (while natural and scent free, it can still be an irritant and should not be used in any place where a little one can ingest residue.) I also use old fashioned vinegar water with a little soap. There are tons of recipes online. You should be extremely cautious of mixing chemicals anytime, but especially when pregnant.
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