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2nd Trimester

Semi-prophetic dreams?

What do you guys think? I've been dreaming a ton since getting pregnant, so it may just be a statistical thing and nothing more...but wondering if you guys had similar experiences or ideas?

Dream: My husband and I were planning to visit someone's house, but that someone ended up not being there, so we just ended up hanging out with their dogs in the house. And I remember thinking it will be really embarrassing if the owner of the house comes back and finds us. Anyways, they did, but we all went to a dog park together.
Reality: The very next day, my hubby suddenly had to go drop off something at his boss's house. So I tagged along. The boss was supposed to be there, but when we arrived she wasn't there. Anyways, we went into the house to put the stuff in there and Ben told me to say hi to the dog. I don't like meeting new people randomly, so I was glad that she wasn't there and sort of wanted to leave before she got back. We left. This is the one where I actually "felt" like I had been through this the night before!

Dream: I didn't remember this dream until I heard a coworker talking about the subject the next day. Anyways, I had a friend who was waiting on results for a rabies test.
Reality: The next day, my coworker said it was real weird because she had a friend who might have rabies and had to get checked out.

Dream: I dreamed that my girlfriend and I were hanging out, and we were for some reason having steak and coffee. She told me that I could just go and print out the coffee. I was confused on the process, so she kept trying to help me do it. I remember thinking that's pretty cool that you can do that.
Reality: The next day, we're having lunch, and my step dad randomly brings up the subject about printers that print organs and we then talked about how cool it is.

Re: Semi-prophetic dreams?

  • Unfortunately my dreams just seem wild and random as heck! I wish I could put some context to them...instead, I just lay there thinking what the @#$%!  I dont even really know those people like that!  LOL

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