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extending nap?

The trio is pretty consistently doing one nap a day, but the start/stop times and the total length of nap vary. This morning they were falling apart and begging to go to sleep by 10am, since they had been up since 6. They were sleeping find until the dog barked (thanks Max!) and now Zoey has been up for the last 15-20 minutes. I'm making her CIO in a PNP in our room, mostly b/c I need more time to do stuff around the house (or sit on my a$$ and play online). But I'm guessing she's not going back to sleep - she sounds pretty mad.

So my question is...do you enforce a certain length of time for naps and make them stay in their bed no matter what? Or do you let them get up when they seem to be done even if you think they haven't slept long enough? 


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Re: extending nap?

  • For me, this depends on the child and her mood when she wakes up (plus how she slept the night before, what time she woke up, etc.).  If she is woken up after a short nap and I can tell she is still tired, I'll make her stay in for a bit longer.  If the nap was short, but she is in a good mood and seems rested, I consider it over.

    Now, Ava has been boycotting naps for about 2 1/2 weeks, but she still desperately needs one and is a CRANK all afternoon.  Lately we've been having her stay in bed for an hour, because in the past she has taken a good 45 minutes to fall asleep.  She doesn't cry -- just sings and talks, so I think the quiet time, even if she doesn't sleep, is good for her.  But man, that girl still needs to nap.

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  • Depends on D's mood when he wakes. He is never grumpy unless tired, so if he wakes happy - I know he is done sleeping and will get him out before he jumps out! If he wakes cranky, I give him time to go back to sleep, sometimes he does, other times - not so much.
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  • With my triplets I NEEDED their nap time to be consistent.  So, for us, nap time ended when it was scheduled to end give or take 15-20 minutes.  If someone woke up a little early, then OK, otherwise they stayed.  

    I knew they required the sleep because 90% of the time they took a full nap, so I felt fine expecting them to stay until nap time was over.  Plus, having three different go to nap and three different wake from nap times is chaos. 

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