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I miss NC :( and a teething necklace Q

We are still living in a temporary apartment but the good news is that we close on a home the first week of November. It must have been fate because the house we are buying got listed on Ryan's birthday and we looked at it the next day & drew up a contract. This is the first time I've been homesick and it sucks. Hopefully it will be better once all of our stuff is here and we actually have a house.

 On another note. I just ordered a raw baltic amber teething necklace for Lucas since his 1st two teeth are about to break through. Has anyone had any luck with these? I might get one for Ryan too since he still hasn't got his 2nd year molars.

And, a funny...Lucas is 4 months old and weighs 21 lbs. Ryan is 2 and is only 28! He's my chubby and happy baby!!!

 Miss you all!!


Re: I miss NC :( and a teething necklace Q

  • I miss NC every once in a while.  Especially when I'm stuck in traffic and exhausted b/c life was so much simplier there.  But with time you will get adjusted and you won't feel homesick. 

    I come back really often to this board b/c I miss the girls that I met through here. 

    Nic and Ryan are about the same size but Nic is about 8 months older than Ryan! He is a munchkin.  Hugs for both your boys.

  • I am sorry you are feeling homesick-where are you living now? I'm sure having your things and your own home will make it better.

    As for the necklace, I've heard they work, but it makes me nervous so I am curious to see how you like it. Cam is also 4m and almost 19lbs. He has gotten 1 bottom tooth this week and the other one is poking through, it's been rough. 




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  • I'm sorry you're missing NC!  I definitely know I would if I moved away!

    As far as the necklace.  I ordered one for N last week and got it on Monday.  She has been wearing it all week and the babysitter and DH both have commented on how much less fussy she has seemed.  Don't know if it's in our head or not but it seems to be working for her.  I know that they make some people nervous because of the strangulation risk or choking on a bead risk but really I haven't been that worried.  The one I got for her is 13.5 inches long.  It hangs loose enought that I'm not worried about it being too tight but she can't get it up into her mouth.  I make sure to tuck it inside her shirt and she doesn't even pay it any attention.  I think she's noticed it maybe once.  When she sleeps I take it off her neck and wrap it around her ankle so she is still benefiting from it.  The beads are knotted between each bead so if it were to break only one bead would fall off and they are not that big so they are not too much of a choking concern.  So, all in all, I give it a good review.  I would/will do it again if we have another baby.  I wish I would have gotten one for Connor when he was teething!

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