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36 weeks and terrified!!!

Hi Ladies--I'm new to the bump..I probably should have been more active on here for the past 9 months but I have been such a nervous wreck with my pregnancy, that I have been pretty much keeping to my self.

My name is Steff. Long story short, my little girl was born with IUGR at 32 weeks due to severe pre eclampsia and HELLP syndrome.

I have been terrified this entire pregnancy. I have gone to the hospital a few times with high BP's. They have run the pre eclampsia panel and everything has come back fine each time..but I'm just scared! I want this baby to be a healthy take her home from the hospital after she's born and not mess with 5 weeks in the NICU.

 I don't want a baby that's in the NICU at all just because no baby should have to go through that--we should all have dream pregnancies with no problems but I know that's not realistic...but last time, Emma was our first baby, we had a dog that our friends took care of..We could just be there for her and I'm terrified that if something happens, even though I'm 36 weeks, we could still end up at the NICU, and I have a 4, soon to be 5 year old, who needs me too. I need to be able to bond with both my girls together! 

I am trying to remind myself daily that baby Lorelai is fine in there and I'm being as proactive as I can about my health..but last time literally scared the heck out of me. Since about 28 weeks (that's when they told me Emma, my 4 year old, stopped growing), I have been saying to myself..ok 1 more week God, please just give this baby one more week to grow.

I feel like I'm driving my dr. insane. I can't help it. I thought by 36 weeks, I would be more calm, but I almost feel more nervous. Seeing obits about stillborn babies, etc. It's starting to drive me crazy!

Re: 36 weeks and terrified!!!

  • I had my first early due to pPROM.  I was induced with my 2nd.  All pregnancies are different.  We were prepared for the worst and bought preemie clothes and toured the NICU at the hospital I delivered at (different one then when I had DS1).  DS2 was 9lbs 4 oz of perfection.  You made it to 36 weeks!  One more week and your chances of NICU are really low. 
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  • If it makes you feel any better I was induced at 34w5d with my 2nd son because of severe pre-e and we spent NO time in the NICU. He was 6lb 15oz and just fine.

    You are so far along now that I highly doubt you'd have much if any time in the NICU. The baby feels your stress momma. Stay calm!! You've done a great job thus far.

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