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20 weeks and lots of pressure...

I've been having lots of pressure down there, it's really alarming and concerning. I have had an ultrasound of my cervix twice everything looked fine, my cervix was at 3.4 cm. I do work in a warehouse and I'm on my feet continuously 8-10 hours 6 days a week, so I think that may contribute somewhat, maybe? but is this normal to have so much pressure? The nurse just told me after work when I get home to stay off my feet. I'm worried about it and i do not have the option not to work. I also feel the same pressure when we're out shopping and or walking. It's a heavy pressure down there with a little dull cramping. Anyone else having pressure, too?
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Re: 20 weeks and lots of pressure...

  • BTW not sure if this would be related but also intense back pain and braxton hicks contractions.
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  • I have had alot of pressure too, Im about as far as you. I was worried at first and know I am convinced its really normal for around 20 weeks. Was told by the doctor they are a combo of growing pains, stretching, braxton hicks, and round ligment pain. feel better.
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  • I am 22 weeks now but about a week and 1/2 ago I actually went to my midwife due to extreme pressure. And I am NOT one to worry and call or go in over every little thing. My cervix has been long and closed as well. I also had the back pain and BH. I think it was just normal for 20 weeks- maybe a growth spurt where your uterus didn't quite catch up with LO as quickly? My midwife did check me for a UTI or bladder infection but I don't have one. The up side is after a week or so of that pressure it has subsided again. The baby seems to have moved up I think. I don't know - just making guesses really but I hope it subsides for you as well. Good luck;-)
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  • I had a lot of pressure in my cervix with my first when ever I walked, my dr said it was the baby putting pressure and to stay off my feet as much as possible, he even reduced my schedule a little bit at work (I was on my feet some, but not as much as you proabably).

    I'm surprised your dr hasn't had you stay off your feet yet.  I would just keep brining it up every time I go to the dr.

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