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Book Recs re: Sleeping?

I'm at my wits ends with Abigail not sleeping in her bed. I don't know what to do. I'm exhausted, she's exhausted. I'm extra grumpy all the time which leads to me snapping at her. I want to do the Moms on Call that Lori recommended, but I can't get DH on board (because he's not home most of the time to deal with it!) Any books out there that can give me a little bit of hope? I'm going to try doing a chart like I did for when she potty trained. But other than that...I don't know what to do. Positive reinforcement doesn't seem to be working.

Abigail Taylor 09.18.2008

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Re: Book Recs re: Sleeping?

  • I've read the No Cry Sleep Solution for Babies and that helped get DS on a good bedtime routine/sleep schedule. I know they have a toddler/pre-school book that you may want to check out. Our schedule worked well until we cut bottles out at a year old and then we did a "mild" version of CIO. Getting Jonah to sleep has been our biggest issue, but once he's asleep it's heaven! Good luck!
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  • The only thing that half way works for us is reinforcing that if he comes out of his room after we put him down for bed then the gate is going up at the door.  Granted he has climbed over this same gate. Usually he is so tired he will just sit in the bed and go to sleep.  To show that I'm not playing I have the gate sitting next to his bed so if he forgets.  He hates when we put the gate up but that is the only way to get his attention.
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  • I forget the details of your situation, but can you put a lock on her bedroom door and make sure her room is totally safe then just lock her in there?  I know at first glance that sounds bad, but IMO I don't see it any differently than putting them in a crib - it is a safe, contained area that they cannot get out of.  My BFF just went through this with her 2.5 year old who was also getting out of his bed at night, and after a few days he realized that no matter what he did, she was not going to open the door for him until 6am the next morning, and he finally gave up and started STTN in his bed.  Use a video monitor so you can see what she is doing and be sure everything is ok, but unless it is a true emergency, don't open the door until you are ready to get up for the day.

    Good luck!!! 

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