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Freezer meals for toddlers (**vtkendra**)

A few months ago, someone posted about individual freezer meals they make for their LO. Anyone remember what it was? I'm looking meals to give the LOs during the mad rush between getting home at 5pm and dinner at 5:30pm (and bedtime routine starting at 6:15pm).

DH and I eat dinner after they go to bed, and we eat a ton of salads for dinner b/c we're both trying to lose weight, so giving them what we eat wouldn't work so well.

Any ideas or suggestions for things I can make in advance and freeze/serve for a few days in a row would be great!

(ETA: added the page for VTKendra, hoping she'd chime in)

Re: Freezer meals for toddlers (**vtkendra**)

  • I'm pretty sure it was vtkendra--she's wicked organized like that :-)
  • Yep, vtkendra. We do something similiar for emergency lunches - frozen turkey meatballs, frozen veggies and frozen brown rice, mixed up with olive oil, s&p and some kind of seasoning.
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  • Here you go:

    I think I got the containers at Giant. They were on sale and I think they ended up being a dollar each or so. Like I said, you can do it with pastas, rice, etc.

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  • I so need to do this.  For the most part, Sprout eats what we eat, but often we eat foods too spicy-hot for him.  It would be great to have something to pull out of the freezer instead of falling back onto PBJs (which he loves but dinner is when he consumes most of his veggies for the day).
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