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2nd Trimester

27 weeks today...sooo?

Am I in the third trimester? Some say yes, some say no. A few websites Ive seen say the start of your 28th week is the 3rd tri....?

Re: 27 weeks today...sooo?

  • Everything I've read says 28 weeks. I think it's technically 27 weeks and a few days, but most everything goes by 28 weeks.
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  • I am going to consider myself in third trimester at 26w6d. That's going by the 40 divided by 3 rule.
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  • Actually, the 2/3 rule is 26 weeks 4 1/2 days.  40 / 3 = 13.333 x 2 = 26.666.  The .666 is 2/3 of 7 days which is a little over 4 and a half days. ;)

     To OP, I would say you are 3rd trimester now, but it depends on your counting method.

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  • If you've completed 27 weeks, you're beginning your 28th week. (Kind of like how 2011 is in the "twenty-first" century.)

    So I'd say you're 3rd tri! Congrats!

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  • I say yes!
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  • I am also 27 weeks today and i am heading over to the 3rd trimester board TODAY
  • I'd say you are...congrats!
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