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TGI FRIDAY!!!! Weekend Plans?

It's finally Friday, what are your plans for the weekend?
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Re: TGI FRIDAY!!!! Weekend Plans?

  • Tonight - off at 4. Go visit DH & BIL at the fair. They're working.

    Saturday - some laundry - the fair - birthday party - home (DH is working ALL DAY)

    Sunday - Race for the Family - the afternoon - get caught up on housework and laundry

    Have a wonderful weekend ladies! 

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  • Tonight: Going to Target to get a gift card and then going out to dinner with DH.

    Tomorrow: Wake up to watch College GameDay and then watch football (War Eagle!) all afternoon. Tomorrow late afternoon we have a "madhatter tea party" themed baby shower Huh?

    Sunday: cleaning, grocery shopping, football...ect...


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  • DH and I are going camping!   We leave tonight and get back Sunday.  2 nights of cuddling under the stars, making smores, hiking, and just bumming around. 

    It's going to be cold but I can't wait!

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  • Friday - mow the lawn and do a few other little chores!  DH has been away for 2 weeks and come home tomorrow.

    Saturday - Go and pick DH and our new puppy  up at the airport and then come home and introduce our Victorian Bulldog to the new guy (Olde English Bulldogge) - VERY excited. :)

    Sunday - Hang out with DH and the dogs! :)

    I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  • SIL dropped my niece (6yrs old) off to me @ work tonight, so we have her for the weekend, SIL & BIL are going away for their 10 year anniv.

    Tomorrow-going to RE for 2nd beta!!! so psyched/nervous!  then taking my niece out to breakfast, and probably head to the mall for some shopping, and saturday night DH wants to take her to the movies.

    Sunday-hanging out, then taking niece with us to another SIL & BIL's for a family dinner where we will do the hand-off to her parents LOL

    So hard to not be able to talk about anything around her, she has "big ears" if you know what i mean LOL

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