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allergic to glucola?

Not sure if any of you ladies remember I failed my 1st 1 hour with a 206. My dr skipped the 3 hour & went straight to the making me test myself & set up appts with a nutritionist & take a class on diabetes.

My numbers were all below 95 without changing my diet so they let me cancel my appts & re-do the 1 hour & said if I fail again I would do the 3 hour this time. I retook it yesterday & tho they have not called yet I was 179 when I checked 1/2 hour leaving the drs office last night (i did not want a surprise lol) 

My oven broke so we could not cook last night. I had KFC (potatoes, mac n cheese, a biscuit & 2 pieces of the fried chicken) which is a huge splurge for me even before being pregnant I rarely eat that. After dinner i was 122 the highest I've been but I know its because I ate shortly after that test. This morning I was back to an 80 for fasting.. 

Is it possible my body just does not like the glucola? Could I be allergic to it? Im worried about passing out or having a horrible reaction to more of it for the 3 hour. Since the 1 hour gives me a headache & heartburn. 

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Re: allergic to glucola?

  • I'm not sure if this would be any help, but my friend is Fructose intolerant and could not do any of the GD tests because her body doesn't process/tolerate fructose. I just wonder if maybe you have an issue with that? She is unable to eat much of anything without feeling ill/throwing up (while not pregnant), she can't eat things with high fructose corn syrup, etc.. Good luck!
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