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2nd Trimester

Possible sign of pre-eclampsia.

I would say that all of this started on Tuesday. I noticed that just my right foot was swollen because it didn't fit into my shoe but my left foot still fit. Then about an hour after I had gotten home my ankles looked swollen and my right foot was still swollen but my left foot was fine. By the next day the swelling in my foot had gone done but my ankles were still a bit swollen. They have gone back to normal and aren't swollen anymore. I have also been propping them up. A couple hours ago I noticed that my right hand in swollen. Like the lower part of my fingers, palm and the back of my hand. I can still bend my fingers but it feels weird. I do have an auto immune disorder where my body doesn't absorb enough Calcium and Vitiamin D. I don't know if maybe this is a factor but the weather isn't really right for my fingers to be swelling like they normally do and I would think that maybe my other hand would be. 
I did a bit of research on pre-eclampsia but I am still not understanding it completely. What are the chances that it could be? How else can I tell? I am having twins and I know that it can be a factor. What precentage of twin pregnancy result in pre-emclampsia? What happens if I do have this? I am only 21 weeks. 

And to be completely honest I am scared and not ready for something like this. I am afraid that if I do have it then the twins are going to be early and I am scared for them.


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Re: Possible sign of pre-eclampsia.

  • Call your doctor! From what I know, pre-E is very serious and those symptoms are something your doctor should know about! Also, if you can, take your blood pressure. High blood pressure and/or severe headache is also a sign of pre-E. If you dont have a BP machine at home, go to a local supermarket or drug store!
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  • Pre-eclampsia rarely presents before the 3rd tri.  The doctor would diagnose it with swelling, high blood pressure, and proteins present in your urine.  You could have eaten a lot of sodium, not had enough water...try relaxing.  If you do have pre-e, you would most likely be induced around 37ish weeks, but don't cross that bridge before you even get there.  Call your OB.
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  • I agree with PP.  No need to waste worrying over it.  Just call your dr and they can tell you what to do or what to look for.  Good luck.
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  • Of course, call you dr.  However, swelling in pregnancy is very common.  Look at my feet with DD at 25 weeks:


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    It got a LOT worse by the time I delivered moving up my calves to the point it was hard to bend my ankles/knees.  I never had pre-e.  You can take your blood pressure throughout the day to double check but unless your doc notices it high and/or you are spilling proteins you are probably fine.

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  • I have had Pre-E twice and it was severe with the second. I have always presented in the late 2nd trimester. If your blood pressure is fine and there is no protien you are just fine. I'm already swelling and I"m only 17 weeks. Mention it to your doctor. You can always go to a CVS or Walgreens and check your BP if that would make you feel better.


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  • like many of the pp have stated dont stress yourself out worrying about something you can't control. Just be sure to talk to your doctor about all of your symptoms you have been having and it helpings to try to be as detailed as possible because it will help your doctor to understand what you are experiencing. I had to have a 24-hour urine analysis because I was having many of the pre-e signs at only 18weeks which my doctor said was early but just to be caution rather rule it out now and monitor me as I progress. We did discuss the possibilty of needing to have me check again as I get further along but for now i have to watch the amount of soduim I eat and drink lots of water. The thought of  pre-e and this being my first pregnancy scared me but my doctor reassured that as long as I pay attention to my body and the changes that it makes we will be fine because remember the early found the easier it will be to keep me healthy and the baby safe.

     Good luck with everything

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  • I've looked of the symptoms of pre-clampsia and from what I read you only really need to be worried if you hands and/or face is swollen but like everyone else said swelling is normal in pregnancy.I had swelling in my feet and ankles almost two weeks ago but it was because I had been sitting way too long at computer.You may need to lay down,relax and elevate your feet and that may reduce the swelling.Also drink plenty of water.Call your doctor or go to the hospital but please don't stress yourself out about it even though I know you are worried
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  • Definitely call your doctor. It sounds more worrisome for a blood clot than pre-E, but either way you should absolutely get it checked out ASAP.
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  • Def call your doc right away. Even if it is just typical pregnancy swelling, pre-e is very serious and you are better safe than sorry. I didn't have pre-e with my first but I did get hypertension towards the end and they watched me very closely to make sure it didn't turn into pre-e. I remember some of the symptoms besides swelling was bad headaches and I was also seeing spots. Check your blood pressure and call your doc. Hope everything is ok!
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