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Cervix starting to funnel

I just had an U/S to check my cervix because my last baby was born at 31 weeks.  They said my cervix is 3.5mm but is starting to funnel.  I am wondering if anyone else had this happen and what your course of treatment and outcomes are.  I am thinking I should go on 2 weeks U/S checks but I am not sure if I am a candidate for bedrest or not.  Any insights or thoughts are appreciated.

Re: Cervix starting to funnel

  • They found my funneling at my anatomy scan ~20w and recommended biweekly checks and bed rest.  I was not satisfied w/this and went to an MFM.  She recommended progesterone supps and twice weekly checks.  It was on the third of these that I was dilating and got an emergency cerclage  @ 21 1/2 wks. 

    Not to freak you out, but if I had waited 2 wks to go back to the OB, I could have very well have lost my babies.  You don't say how far along you are, but I would definitely be proactive, since funneling/dynamic can go downhill quickly, even on bedrest.  Best of luck.

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  • I am 24 weeks so I think I am too late for a cerclage.  I am going to see MFM on Monday for a full work up.  I have been put on half time at work and told to take it really easy until Monday. 
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  • definitely take it easy and relax at home for the weekend.  

    after complaining about the pelvic pressure for a couple of weeks and a trip to l&d where i had the nurse check me twice and a dr check me said my cervix was soft and funneling but suggested calling the dr on monday morning for an u/s and i did. had a u/s tuesday and was found to have a dynamic cervix with funneling at 28 weeks. I was in the hospital for a week sent home for a week went to dr appt put back in for a week because i was 2 cm dilated. the dr was surprised that i made it to 36 weeks when i went in for the induction and was already 5 cm dilated.



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