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I took his while pregnant and stopped when I was admitted to the hospital for Pre-e for 3 weeks prior to delivery.  I feel like I need to go back on it.  My OB and Pedi say its okay to take, but I of course worry about taking anything. Anyone else take it while BFing?  I took zoloft with DD and it was fine.  I don't see my OB until next week (shes out of town) so getting zoloft called in isn't an option.

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Logan Henry - March 15, 2010 - March 22, 2010. We will always love you sweet baby boy.

Re: Wellbutrin

  • Congrats on you new baby!

    I am currently taking Wellbutrin and Zoloft and nursing. I took both through out my pregnancy, then stopped taking them (bad idea) a few weeks after I had DS2 (because I felt great), that did not last. I feel much better taking both of them together.

    Anyway, taking Wellbutrin while BFing is perfectly safe according to my OB and pedi. Best of luck to you! Hope you're feeling better soon.

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