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2nd Trimester

Will you get a epidural again? (follow-up question to tropicalmommy's post)


Re: Will you get a epidural again? (follow-up question to tropicalmommy's post)

  • 4:00 PM: Admitted to hospital after a routine NST showed regular contractions. Pitocin started.

    2:00 AM: Felt the first contracts and requested by epidural (was dilated to 4) after "laboring" on pitocin for the last 10 hours feeling NOTHING.

    4:30 AM: FINALLY got my epi. AHHHH!!! (Longest 2.5 hours of my life!) Then they checked me and found I was already dilated to 10, so I dilated to 10 with no drugs/epi. My water broke somewhere in there... it's a bit of a blur

    Rested for a while.

    Started pushing at 5:45 AM, DS born at 7:14 AM. Completely healthy and nursed great. I had some pretty severe tearing and had to be stitched.

    In a perfect world, I would have loved the epi sooner, but I often wonder if it would have slowed labor down? I was against any narcotic drugs (which I stuck to even in the worst of it), but figured I would end up with an epi and was very glad I had one. Overall, it was a great birth experience and I'd be thrilled if it went that smoothly again. I have no desire to try it without the epi.

    Son #1: 12.27.08 (6 years)
    Son #2: 02.06.12 (2.5 yrs)
    Baby #3 due: 02.10.15 (It's a girl!)
    GD with all three pregnancies

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  • I was induced and not progressing at all after like 12 hours or so, and the epidural was amazing right then because it made me relax and as soon as I relaxed I dilated like crazy and before I knew it, it was time to push. So I was very grateful for it at the time! 

    That said, it did pool in my one leg and I had a numb leg for 2 days afterwards, which really is nothing to complain about. However here I am 2 years later, and my leg goes cold and that one foot numbs about once a day. I think the nerves were damaged during my epi and have not healed. So I am going to try to avoid it this time, and plan on using hypnobirthing to try to help me relax instead. 

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  • I only got one last time b/c my BP was sky high, and it was either epi or C-Section.  I wanted to go natural this time, but I have an anterior placenta - if this causes DD#2 to be sunny-side up (which can cause longer labor, horrible back labor, etc), then I will get an epi again so that I can make it all the way through labor without tiring too much.  I see nothing wrong with an epi if it helps you relax, and makes your labor progress better.  I had no side effects from my epi whatsoever - didn't stall contractions, brought my BP down (which is what my OB wanted), oxygen was fine, etc.
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  • imageAshPal61:
    Hell yesYes

    Ditto. I may even call ahead. Big Smile

    In all honesty, I'll probably wait and see how it's going. This pregnancy is 100% different from my last one, so who knows  how the labor will go. I will, however, ask them to keep the spinal headache this time. I'll pass.

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  • imageDevonPow:
    Yes. My epi was wonderful. Could move and feel, but no pain, zero problems with DS or BFing, great recovery (no tear at all, didn't even take Tylenol after). I am only worried that my 1st experience was so good that this one won't be able to live up to it! :)

    My problem is the exact opposite! With my DD i wanted an epidural but dilated so quickly that i "missed it"... i tore a little (i also had a 9.5 lb baby! Oy!) and the experience for ME was slightly traumatic... to a point where i was almost too scared to get pregnant again :( I know it's not how everyone's experience is, but mine wasn't a happy one, even though I'm super proud of myself for getting through it naturally/drug-free. This time around i do know more about what to expect and will definitely be trying for the epi again if it works out :)

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  • No doubt, yes.  Labor hurts SO bad and epidurals are lovely.
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  • I went 11 hours without the epidural and I couldn't take it anymore. I got it and that slowed the labor down....By the time I was ready to push the epidural wore off and I felt it all. I plan to be as strong as possible to not get it but I'm not saying I wont give in...Wink
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  • I will be asking for it as soon as I get to the hospital!
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  • imageAshPal61:
    Hell yesYes



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