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Blood clotting disorder increases risk for HBP & placenta problems?

I have clotting factor 2 mutation. This is my third pregnancy and I'm having an ultrasound tomorrow to check the placenta. The doctor said this is common practice when you have a blood clotting disorder becuase it increases risk for HBP, Placental abruption, slow fetal growth and HELP. I have partial placenta previa with my first so had an additional ultrasound around this time and with my second the cord was attached to the placenta in a weird spot so I had a lot of extra monitoring in the third trimester. Has anyone heard of this?
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Re: Blood clotting disorder increases risk for HBP &amp;amp; placenta problems?

  • My OB has not said anything but when I had my 2nd tri ultrasound the u/s tech said that I may have to come back in 3rd tri since I'm on Lovenox and have a history of clots.  That was news to me and was never mentioned when I was pregnant with DD.  I was on Lovenox then, but I also had marginal placenta previa that they wanted to check in 3rd tri so maybe they just didn't say anything since I'd have to go again anyway.  I haven't seen my OB since I had that scan so I'll ask about it, but I guess it's not uncommon.
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  • I have a different disorder (FVL), and my ob didn't plan on more than 3 u/s (dating, 20w, and 36w because of GD). However, when I went to a perinatal doc last week for my 20w u/s he said that with the blood thinners he suggests an u/s every 4-6 weeks. I don't think too many u/s is ever a bad thing - the more looks you get, the more aware the dr can be of any potential problems.

    My ob never mentioned the risks you listed (just clots and higher risk of m/c). And I know this is completely anecdotal, but I didn't have any of those issues with my DD, or with this pg so far, knock on wood. My mom, grandma, and great aunt all had undiagnosed/untreated pregnancies with heterozygous factor 5, and the only issues they had were HBP.

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